A catalogue of books, in various languages, arts and sciences including a great variety of curious and valuable works lately purchased - Amongst which are the following: Folio. Journals of the H. of Lords & Commons, 61. v. Statutes at large, by Cay & Rusthead, 17.v. Albinus's anatomical tables Knorr, Deliciae naturae, 2v. fig.depict. Trew, Amoenissimarum florum imagines, depict. Martyni Planate rariores, depict. Mortsoni Historia plantarum, 2v. ch. max. eleg. Willugby's Ornithology Hooke's Micrographia Aristotelis Opera, Gr. Lat. Duval, 2v. Diodorus Siculus, Wesselingii, 2v. Dion Cassius, Reimari, 2v. Corpus poetarum Latinorum, Maittaire, 2v. Authores rei grammaticae, Ald. 1496 Golii lexicon Arabico-Latinum James's medicinal dictionary, 3v. Ashmole's Order of the Garter Chauncy's Hertfordshire Dugdale's Warwickshire, 1636 Dugdale's Summons to Parliament Dugdale's Monasticon, 1718 Hutchins's Dorfetshire, 2v. Russia King's Cheshire Rapin & Tindal's continuation 5v. Whitelock's Memorials, 1732. Bacon's abridgment, new edit. improved by Serj. Sayer & Morgan, 5v. 1778 Comyns's Digest and continuation, new edit. 5v. 1780. Ventris's reports, 1726, Blackstone's, 2v. Selden's works, 6v. Alcoranus Marraccii, 2v. Biblia Hebraica, Kennicot Messenii scondia illustrata, 15 tom. in 2v. Quarto. Philosophical transactions abridged to 1750 and continued by the Transactions at large to the present time, 43v. Grand vocabulaire francois, 30 v. Paris, 1777. &c. Boyle and Bacon's Works, 11v. Russia Schœffer's icones fungorum et insectorum, 7v. depict. Maittaire, annales typographici, 7v. Doddridge and Gill's expositor, 11v. eleg. Spelman's Dionysius Halicarnasseus, 4v. Russia Ovidii opera, burmanni, 4v. Apuleius & Claudianus delphini Baskerville's classics, 6v. Russia Brunck, analecta Graeca, 3v. ch. max. Saunderson's algebra, 2v. Octavo. Monthly review, 63 v. Swift's works, large 8vo, 25 v. Lardner's Gospel history, 17 v. eleg. Oratores Graeci, Reiske, 12v. eleg. Aubrey's Surry and Ashmole's Berks, 8v. Which will be selling very reasonable at the prices printed in the catalogue, July 1781, and continue on sale, 'till all are sold by Samuel Hayes, bookseller, No. 332, in Oxford Street, next the corner of Argyll Street (remov'd from Holborn) who gives the full value for libraries and parcels of books. Catalogues may be had at the place of sale, and of the following booksellers; Ridley, St. James's-Street; Walter, Charing-Cross; Brown, Strand, corner of Essex-Street; Sewell, Cornhill; and J. Hayes, No. 252. Holborn; also of the booksellers in most of the market towns in England

Samuel Hayes
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s.n. 1781 England, London [2],140p. 8⁰.