An essay upon the silk-worm. Containing many improvements upon this curious subject; together with large collections from the most approved authors. The whole thing setting forth: I. The antiquity of the silk-worm. II. Where the silk-worms were first propagated, and when brought into Europe; with estimates of the profits arising from them. III. The success of Henry iii. and iv. in France, which excited king James i. zealously to attempt the enriching England by the silk-manufacture. IV. The methods of cultivating Mulberry trees, and making excellent wine and brandy with the fruit. V. The most approved ways of hatching and feeding the silk-worms, and managing their silk. VI. The certainty and facility of bringing the silk manufacture in England to its utmost perfection, &c

Henry Barham
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Handweavers 1988 Storbritannien, London [12], 188 sidor. 8:o