Female licentiousness versus male escape? - essays on intoxicating substance use, sexuality and gender

The purpose of this thesis is to study cultural aspects of alcohol and drug use in Swede, and also to some extent in other countries. In the context of changing patterns of drinking and drug use in Sweden and in the rest of the world, such studies are increasingly important.

The thesis comprises four self-contained hut interrelated studies. Each study, in different ways, addresses the question of cultural variation (within and between cultures) and the cultural position of intoxicating substances. Acknowledging that young people's use of intoxicating substances as well as women's and men's use of such substances are important social policy issues, each of the four studies also relates to the position of either young people or the position of gender with regard to intoxicating substance use

Alexandra Bogren
(Alexandra Bogren.)
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Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, Almqvist & Wiksell International distributör, Intellecta Docusys 2006 Sverige, Stockholm, Stockholm 71 sidor. 25 cm