News from Darby-shire. Or The wonder of all wonders - That ever yet was printed, being a perfect and true relation of the handy work of almighty God shown upon the body of one Martha Taylor now living about a mile or something more from Backwell in Darby shire, hard by a pasture commonly called Hadin pasture, this maid as it hath pleased the Lord, she hath fasted forty weeks and more, which may very well be called a wonder of all wonders, though most people which hear this may censure this to be some fable, yet if they please but to take the pains to read over the book, I hope that they will be better satisfied and have some faith to believe. This maid is still alive and hath a watch set over her by order of the Earl of Devon-shire. Written by me T. Robins. B. of D. a well wisher to the gospel of Iesus Christ. Oct.13.1668

Thomas Robins
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printed for T. P.assinger, at the three Bibles on London-Bridge 1668 England, London [2], 14 [i.e. 13], [1] sidor.