Psalms, carefully suited to the Christian worship in the United States of America - Being Dr. Watts's imitation of the Psalms of David, as improved by Mr. Barlow. To this edition, are added, The words of sundry anthems. Three lines of quotation

Bible. English
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Printed and sold by Peter Brynberg M,DCC,XCVII. 1797 USA, Wilmington Del. [2],308p. 24⁰.
Printed by William Young, bookseller, no. 52, Second-Street, corner of Chesnut-Street M,DCC,XCIV. 1794 USA, Philadelphia [3],3-16,16-322p. 12⁰.
Printed by Hodge & Campbell, and sold at their respective book-stores M,DCC,XCII. 1792 USA, New-York [4],318p. 18⁰.
Printed and sold by Hugh Gaine, at his bookstore and printing-office, at the Bible, in Hanover-Square 1788 USA, New-York xxiv,288p. 12⁰.