Salvation from sinne by Jesus Christ: or, The doctrine of sanctification (which is the greater part of our salvation) founded upon Christ, - who is both the meritorious, and and efficient cause of sanctifying grace, purchasing it for, working & perfecting it in his people. Applied (as it was specially intended) for the better information of our judgements, and quickning of our affections in holiness, wherein our everlasting our everlasting happiness chiefly consisteth

Salvation from sinne by Jesus Christ
George Hopkins
(Preached in the weekly lecture at Evesham in the county of Worcester, by George Hopkins, M.A. minister of the Gospel there.)
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Printed by J.G. for Nathaniel Web, and William Grantham, at the black Beare in Paul's Church-yard, neere the little North doore 1655 England, London [30], 286 sidor.