Select remains - of the Rev. John Mason, M.A. late Rector of Water-Stratford, in the county of Bucks, author of the songs of praise to Almighty God. Recommended by the Rev. Isaac Watts, D.D. With a preface, giving some account of the author

John Mason
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Printed by Joshua Cushing, for B.B. Macanulty 1799 USA, Salem Mass. [5], 4-6, vii-xiii, [2], 16-190 sidor. 12⁰.
printed and sold by J. Marsh 1793 Wales, Wrexham [2],114p. 12⁰.
printed and sold by J. Leadley 1791 England, Bridlington iv,84p. 24⁰.
printed by L. Wayland, for, J. Buckland; and C. Dilly 1790 England, London viii,268p. 12⁰.
printed for J. Buckland; and E. Dilly 1767 England, London xxiv,60[i.e.160]p. 8⁰.
printed for Richard Hett; and John Oswald 1745 England, London xxiv,160p. 12⁰.
printed by Rogers and Fowle, for J. Edwards in Cornhill 1743 USA, Boston [2],2,v-xiii,[3],164p. 18⁰.
printed by W. Strahan for Samuel Mason 1742 England, London xxiv,160p. 8⁰.