The Gentleman's companion: or, Tradesman's delight. - Containing, the mystery of dying in all its branches. The manner of preparing colours. The method of cleaning and taking out stains from silks woollen or linnen. To clean gold or silver lace, and plate. To prepare a cement for china, or glass. The art of drawing, limning, painting, etching, engraving, carving, gilding, enamelling, and refreshing pictures. Likewise the quality of natural and artifical metals. How to harden or soften them. The art of soldering, burnishing and guilding metals. To make all sorts of ink. To prepare gold and silver for writing. To make sealing wax, or wafers. To know the purity of gold or silver, and detect counterfeit coins. The great Mr. Boyle's method of writing in such a manner as cannot be discovered without the help of fire, water, &c. to take blott out of paper. The art of dressing, cleaning and perfuming gloves and ribbons; and washing all sorts of lace. To which is added, the method of curing and preserving all sorts of wines in the best manner, also, some excellent receipts in cookery, physick, and surgery. Observations on silk worms, with directions how to manage and keep them to advantage. With many other useful things never before printed

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Printed for J. Stone, at Bedford-Row, near Gray's-Inn; and sold by G. Strahan, at the Royal Exchange; W Mears, on Ludgate-hill; J Jackson, in Pall-Mall, and C. Corbet, at Temple Bar 1735 England, London 290p. 12⁰.