The first set of catechisms & prayers: or, The religion of little children, under seven or eight years of age. - Collected out of the larger books of prayers and catechisms for children and youth. By I. Watts, D.D

Isaac Watts
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Printed and sold by Luckman and Suffield 1800? England, Coventry 32p. : ill. 32⁰.
Printed and sold by David Niven, bookseller, Trongate 1800 Skottland, Glasgow 44p. 12⁰.
printed for J. Buckland, and T. Longman; C. Dilly; and T. Field 1786 England, London 24p. 12⁰.
printed by W. Darling, for W. Gray, and J. Dickson 1779 Skottland, Edinburgh Pp.26;92;50;98;74 12⁰.
printed for T. Longman; J. Oswald; J. Buckland; J. Waugh; and J. Ward 1750 England, London 24p. 12⁰.
printed for E. Matthews; R. Ford, and R. Hett 1734 England, London 24p. 12⁰.