The rival queens

Nathaniel Lee
Förlag År Ort Om boken ISBN
1971 Storbritannien, Menston 64 sidor.
Edward Arnold 1970 Storbritannien, London xxvii, 112 sidor. 0-7131-5571-X, 0-7131-5572-8
printed for the proprietors, under the direction of John Bell 1793 England, London 82p.,plates 12⁰.
printed for R. Butters; and sold by all booksellers in town and country 1790? England, London 44p.,plate 12⁰.
printed for T. Longman; C. Corbet; W. Nicoll; W. Lowndes; S. Bladon; and T. Whieldon 1785 England, London 60p.,plate 12⁰.
printed for J. Exshaw, T. Ewing, and W. Wilson 1774 Irland, Dublin 72p. 12⁰.
printed for T. Longman, T. Loundes, T. Caslon, C. Corbett, W. Nicoll, and S. Bladon 1768 England, London 72p. ill. 12⁰.
printed for Hawes, Clarke and Collins, T. Longman, T. Lownds, C. Corbet, and T. Caslon 1764 England, London 72p. ill. 12⁰.
printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawes, M. and T. Longman, J. Brindley, A. and C. Corbett; and the rest of the proprietors 1757 England, London 72p. 12⁰.
printed for W. Feales 1736 England, London 72p.,plate ill. 12⁰.
printed for J. Darby, A. Bettesworth, and F. Clay; all in trust for Richard, James, and Bethel Wellington: and sold also by Ri. Caldwell 1727 England, London 84p. 12⁰.
printed for R. Wellington, and E. Rumbal 1704 England, London [8],56p. 4⁰.
Printed for R. Bently ... 1694 England, London [8], 59 sidor.
Printed for Richard Bentley ... 1690 England, London [12], 56 sidor.
printed for Richard Bently and S. Magnes, in Russel-Street in Covent-Garden, near the Piazzas 1687 England, London [6], 68, 64, 80, 64, 72, 72, 80, 82, 66, 82, 80 sidor. music
Printed for James Magnes and Richard Bentley 1677 England, London [12], 64 (i.e. 66), [2] sidor.
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