The sick-mans rare jewel - wherein is discovered a speedy way how every man may recover lost health, and prolong life, how he may know what disease he hath, and how he himself may apply proper remedies to every disease, with the description, definition, signs and syptoms sic of those diseases. (Viz.) The scurvy, leues venerea, gonorrhea, dropsies, catarrhs, chollick, gouts, madness, frensies of all sorts, fever, jaundise, consumptions, ptisick, swoundings, histerick passions, pleurisies, cachexia's, worms, vapours, hypochondriack melancholly, stone, strangury, with the whole troop of diseases most afflicting the bodies of men, women and children; with a supply of suitable medicines; ... a piece profitable for every person and family, and all that travel by sea or land. By B.A

A. B.
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printed by T.R. and N.T. and are to be sold by the booksellers, and by the author, at the sign of the Angel against the Church-door at the upper end of Thredneedle-street, near the Royal-Exchange M DC LXXIV. 1674 England, London [18], 112, 97-222 sidor.