The true lovers tragedy. - being an incomparable ballad of a gentleman and his lady, that both killed themselves for love, under the disguised names of Philander and Phillis, Phillis Philanders scattered garments finds, and thinks him slain, for which with fate she joyns, and with her fatal poiard striketh deep, as life no longer can it's station keep, the crimson streams so fast flowd from her veins, yet dying, of her loves dear loss complains: no sooner death had closed up her starry eyes, but her return'd Philander her espyes; and finding that for him she lost her breath, he kills himself, and crowns his love with death. To the tune of, Ah cruel bloody fate

Nathaniel Lee
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Printed for Philip. Brooksby, at the Golden Ball, near West-Smithfield. between 1680-1682 England, London 1 sheet ([1] sidor.) ill. (woodcuts).