The world to come - or discourses on the joys or sorrows of departed souls at death, and the glory or terror of the Resurrection. ... By I. Watts, D.D

Isaac Watts
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printed by Binns and Brown. Sold by Hannam, Fawdington, Newsom, & J. Smith. Also by R. Ogle, and Lackington & Allen, London; Sutton, Nottingham; Duncan, Glasgow 1800 England, Leeds vii,[1],412p. 12⁰.
Printed for W. Gray, and J. Bell M,DCC,LXXVII. 1777 Skottland, Edinburgh viii,[3],18-444p. 8⁰.
London: printed. Boston: New-England, re-printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle in Queen-Street M.DCC.XLVIII. 1748 USA, Boston [2],v,[4],12-192,v,[2],10-196p. 8⁰.
printed for T. Longman; and J. Brackstone 1745 England, London 2v. 8⁰.
printed for Richard Hett and James Blackstone 1739 England, London x,[2],9-356p. 8⁰.