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181 XXV sermons preached at Golden-Grove - being for the vvinter half-year, beginning on Advent-Sunday, untill Whit-Sunday Jeremy Taylor 1653 Engelska
182 The rule and exercises of holy living - in which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every vertue and the remedies against every vice, and considerations serving to the resisting all temptations : together with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian, and the parts of devotion fitted to all occasions, and furnished for all necessities Jeremy Taylor MDCC i.e. 1700 Engelska
183 The last speech, and confession of the whore of Babylon, at her place of execution, on the fifth of November last - whereunto is added, the famous story of the Bell, used by the Irish papists, taken out of the Bishop of Down and Conner's epistle to his perswasive against popery 1673 Engelska
184 Symbolon theologikon, or, A collection of polemicall discourses - wherein the Church of England, in its worst as well as more flourishing condition, is defended in many material points, against the attempts of the papists on one hand, and the fanaticks on the other : together with some additional pieces addressed to the promotion of practical religion and daily devotion Jeremy Taylor 1674 Engelska
185 Eniautos - a course of sermons for all the Sundaies of the year : fitted to the great necessities, and for the supplying the wants of preaching in many parts of this nation : together with a discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness and separation of the office ministeriall Jeremy Taylor 1653 Engelska
186 Antiquitates Christianæ, or, The history of the life and death of the Holy Jesus - as also the lives, acts & martyrdoms of His Apostles, in two parts : the first part, containing The life of Christ Jeremy Taylor 1678 Engelska
187 Certaine letters of Henry Jeanes minister of Gods word at Chedzoy and Dr. Jeremy Taylor - concerning a passage of his, in his further explication of originall sin Henry Jeanes 1660 Engelska
188 A copy of a letter written to a gentlewoman newly seduced to the Church of Rome Jeremy Taylor 1687 Engelska
189 Via intelligentiæ - a sermom sic preached to the University of Dublin : shewing by what means the scholars shall become most learned and most usefull : published at their desire Jeremy Taylor 1662 Engelska
190 XXVIII sermons preached at Golden Grove - being for the summer half-year, beginning on Whit-Sunday, and ending on the xxv Sunday after Trinity, together with A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness, and separation of the office ministeriall Jeremy Taylor 1651 Engelska
191 A sermon preached at the consecration of two archbishops and ten bishops, in the Cathedral Church of S. Patrick in Dublin, January 27, 1660 Jeremy Taylor 1661 Engelska
192 Ductor dubitantium, or, The rule of conscience in all her general measures - serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience, in four books Jeremy Taylor 1671 Engelska
193 Deus justificatus, or, A vindication of the glory of the divine attributes in the question of original sin - against the Presbyterian way of understanding it Jeremy Taylor 1656 Engelska
194 The great exemplar of sanctity and holy life according to the Christian institution - described in the history of the life and death of the ever-blessed Jesus Christ ... : with considerations and discourses upon the several parts of the story, and prayers fitted to the several mysteries, in three parts Jeremy Taylor 1667 Engelska
195 The golden grove, or, A manuall of daily prayers and letanies, fitted to the dayes of the week - containing a short summary of what is to be believed, practised, desired : also festival hymns, according to the manner of the ancient church, composed for the use of the devout, especially of younger persons Jeremy Taylor 1655 Engelska
196 Clerus Domini, or, A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacrednesse, and separation of the office ministerial - together with the nature and manner of its power and operation Jeremy Taylor 1651 Engelska
197 Dekas embolimaios - a supplement to the Eniautos, or, Course of sermons for the whole year : being ten sermons explaining the nature of faith, and obedience, in relation to God, and the ecclesiastical and secular powers respectively : all that have been preached and published (since the Restauration) Jeremy Taylor 1667 Engelska
198 Ductor dubitantium, or, The rule of conscience in all her generall measures - serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience : in four books Jeremy Taylor 1660 Engelska
199 A discourse of artificial beauty, in point of conscience between two ladies - with some satyrical censures on the vulgar errors of these times John Gauden 1662 Engelska
200 The worthy commvnicant, or, A discourse of the nature, effects, and blessings consequent to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper - and of all the duties required in order to a worthy preparation : together with the cases of conscience occuring in the duty of him that ministers, and of him that communicates, as also devotions fitted to every part of the ministration : to which is added a sermon, never printed with the folio volume of sermons Jeremy Taylor 1686 Engelska

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