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Titel Författare År Språk
181 Introduction to Knowledge Management: KM in Business Todd Groff 2011 Okänt
182 Electromechanics of Particles Thomas B. Jones 1995 Engelska
183 The host in the machine - examining the digital in the social Angela. Thomas-Jones 2010 Engelska
184 Increasing return - a study of the relation between the size and efficiency of industries with special reference to the history of selected British & American industries, 1850-1910 George Thomas Jones 1933 Engelska
185 Inside the Illicit Economy Evan Thomas Jones 2012 Engelska
186 A letter to the proprietors of the middle and south levels of the fens Thomas. Jones 1810 Engelska
187 FileNet: A Consultant's Guide to Enterprise Content Management Todd Groff 2004 Okänt
188 Hell Hawks!: The Untold Story of the American Fliers Who Savaged Hitler's Wehrmacht Robert F. Dorr 2010 Okänt
189 The micrographic dictionary, Text - a guide to the examination and investigation of the structure and nature of microscopic objects . Vol. 1 John William Griffith 1875 Engelska
190 Notes on Palaeozoic bivalved Entomostraca No. II, Some British and foreign species of Beyrichia Thomas Rupert Jones 1855? Engelska
191 Deadly Professors: A Faculty Development Mystery (Deadly Professors: Workshop Discussion Questions and Other Faculty Development Activities) Thomas B. Jones uuuu-uuuu Okänt
192 A sure guide to life and glory for children - Or, The right way to heaven made easy: being a full reply to that grand enquiry, what shall we do to be saved. In a plain and familiar way by questions and answers, between the Most Revd. Father in God, Sir William Daws, lord arch bishop of York, and Thomas Jones a little parish boy. Taken in short-hand by Tim. Donnovan William Dawes, Sir In the year, 1722 Engelska
193 Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations Thomas Jones 2005 Okänt
194 Jones's English system of book-keeping, by single or double entry - in which it is impossible for an error of the most trifling amount to be passed unnoticed, calculated effectually to prevent the evils attendant on the methods so long established, and adapted to every species of trade Edward Thomas. Jones 1816 Engelska
195 The declaration and confession of Robert Watt Robert Watt 1794 Engelska
196 The micrographic dictionary, Plates - a guide to the examination and investigation of the structure and nature of microscopic objects . Vol. 2 John William Griffith 1875 Engelska
197 Electromechanics and MEMS T. B. (Thomas Byron) Jones 2013 Engelska
198 Metodo di tenere i libri di commercio in iscrittura semplice e doppia Edward Thomas. Jones 1828 Italienska
199 The young mill-wright and miller's guide Oliver Evans 1840 Engelska
200 Observations on the present state of our national defences Thomas Heron Jones Ranelagh, Viscount 1845 Engelska

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