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181 The Petition for the prelates briefly examined - wherein you have these pleas for prælacy, discussed, and answered 1641 Engelska
182 The chemist's English - with "Say it in English, please!" Robert Schoenfeld cop. 1989 Engelska
183 Katrin Plavčak - some things you lose, some things you give away Katrin Plavčak ©2007 Tyska
184 English for me and you Anne Aschan 2000 Engelska
185 How to read a folktale - the 'Ibonia' epic from Madagascar Lee Haring 2013 Engelska
186 Here is an item for you. Or, The countrimans bill of charges, - for his comming vp to London declared by a whistle. To the tune of King Henry, &c ca. 1630 Engelska
187 Innovation Design - Creating Value for People, Organizations and Society Elke. den Ouden 2012 Engelska
188 English vocabulary in use, Elementary - vocabulary reference and practice with answers Michael McCarthy 2017 Engelska
189 I tell you John Iarret, you'l breake - Iohn Iarrets wiues counsell to her husband 1630 Engelska
190 The father's wholsome admonition: or, A lumping pennyworth of good counsel for bad husbands. - To the tune of Grim king of the ghosts. Licensed according to order 1691? Engelska
191 Excel 2010 for Human Resource Management Statistics - A Guide to Solving Practical Problems Thomas J. Quirk 2014 Engelska
192 Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android Gavin. Williams 2012 Engelska
193 How to write effective business English - excel at e-mail, social media and all your professional communications Fiona Talbot 2016 Engelska
194 A calcvlation for this present yeer, 1645. - Not only according to the English and beyond-sea accounts, but also according to the word of God. Herein besides usuall matters, you have these particulars: 1 The occasion of this book, with the names and order of moneths and dayes used in the word: ... 2 A chronologie from the creation to Christs death, proved from the scriptures. ... 3 How many generations from Adam to Christ, ... 4 Of eight named in the word ... 5 The inventors or first in severall arts or actions, ... 6 A dialogue ... 7 The excellency and honour of England. 8 The several types of the 4. monarchies, ... And of the fifth, succeeding and far supassing them all. pag. 32. By H.J. minister of the Gospell Henry Jessey 1645 Engelska
195 Excel 2007 for Business Statistics - A Guide to Solving Practical Business Problems Thomas J. Quirk 2012 Engelska
196 Learning English as a foreign language for dummies Gavin Dudeney cop. 2010 Engelska
197 Excel 2010 for Environmental Sciences Statistics - A Guide to Solving Practical Problems Thomas J. Quirk 2015 Engelska
198 Beginning PowerShell for SharePoint 2016 - A Guide for Administrators, Developers, and DevOps Engineers Nikolas. Charlebois-Laprade 2017 Engelska
199 The English physitian enlarged; - with three hundred, sixty and nine medicines, made of English herbs that were not in any impression until this. : Being an astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation; containing a compleat method of physick, whereby a man may preserve his body in health, or cure himself, being sick, for three pence charge, with such things only as grow in England, they being most fit for English bodies. : Herein is also shewed these seven things, viz. 1. The way of making plaisters, oyntments, oyls, pultisses, syrups, decoctions, juleps or waters, of all sorts of physical herbs, that you may have them ready for your use at all times of the year. 2. What planet governeth every herb or tree (used in physick) that groweth in England. 3. The time of gathering all herbs, both vulgarly and astrologically. 4. The way of drying and keeping the herbs all the year. 5. The way of keeping their juyces ready for use at all times. 6. The way of making and keeping all kind of useful compounds made of herbs. 7. The way of mixing medicines according to cause and mixture of disease, and part of the body afflicted Nicholas Culpeper 1674 Engelska
200 Friend. 1619. A new almanacke, and prognostication; in which you may behold the state of this present yeare of our Lord God, 1619 - Being the 3. after Leape-yeare. Calculated for the citty of London, and generally for all England. By Gabriell Friend Gabriel Frende 1619 Engelska

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