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181 Logick - or, the right use of reason in the enquiry after truth, ... By I. Watts Isaac Watts 1725 Engelska
182 Prayers compos'd for the use and imitation of children - suited to their different ages and their various occasions: ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1734 Engelska
183-184 Sermons on various subjects - (viz.) Christian faith, ... With hymns suitable to every subject. By I. Watts. Vol. II (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1740 Engelska
185 Divine songs - attempted in easy language for, sic the use of children. By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1790? Engelska
186 A hopeful youth falling short of heaven - exemplify'd in the conduct of the rich young man whom Jesus loved. By I. Watts Isaac Watts 1723 Engelska
187 A lyrick poem. By Dr. Watts. Set to musick by B. Gunn, ... The plates engrav'd by M. Broome Isaac Watts 1742 Engelska
188 Philosophical essays on various subjects - viz. Space, substance, body, spirit, ... With some remarks on Mr. Locke's Essay on the human understanding. To which is subjoined A brief scheme of ontology, ... By Isaac Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1793 Engelska
189 The Christian doctrine of the Trinity: or Father, Son, and spirit, three persons and one God, ... By I. Watts Isaac Watts 1722 Engelska
190 The art of reading and writing English - or, the chief principles and rules of pronouncing our mother-tongue, ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1751 Engelska
191 Humility represented in the character of St Paul - The chief springs of it opened, and its various advantages displayed; ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1770 Engelska
192-196 The improvement of the mind - The second part. Containing various remarks and rules about the communication of useful knowledge. To which is added, a discourse on the education of children and youth. By Isaac Watts, D.D (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1798 Engelska
197 The posthumous works - of the late learned and reverend Isaac Watts, D.D. In two volumes. Compiled from papers in possession of his immediate successors: adjusted and published by a gentleman of the University of Cambridge Isaac Watts 1779 Engelska
198 The doctrine of the passions explain'd and improv'd - or, a brief and comprehensive scheme of the natural affections ... To which are subjoin'd moral and divine rules ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1739i.e.1738 Engelska
199 Devout meditations: from Dr. Watts. The blessedness of the righteous; from Mr. Howe. And Delighting in God: from Mr. Howe Isaac Watts 1800 Engelska
200 A guide to prayer - or, a free and rational account of the gift, grace and spirit of prayer; ... By I. Watts Isaac Watts 1716 Engelska

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