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201 Legal order and constitutional rights - as defined by the Earl of Aberdeen, in a correspondence with the author Thomas Heron Jones Ranelagh, Viscount 1845 Engelska
202 The Spanish match of the 19th century John James Robert Manners Rutland, Duke of 1846 Engelska
203 The young mill-wright and miller's guide Oliver Evans 1848 Engelska
204 The case of Thomas Jones, C.L. of Ely, Cambridgeshire - respecting his present state of confinement, &c. : together with some introductory remarks on the general state of the Bedford Level, particularly the south part of it, recommended to the attention of the public Thomas Jones, Cl. of Ely 1777 Engelska
205 An address to bankers, merchants, tradesmen, &c. intended as an introduction to a new system of book-keeping - in which it is impossible for an error of the most trifling amount to be passed unnoticed : and that is calculated effectually to prevent the evils attendant on the present methods by single and double entry Edward Thomas. Jones 1795 Engelska
206-207 Jones's English system of book-keeping by single or double entry ... - in which it is impossible for an error of the most trifling amount to be passed unnoticed : calculated effectually to prevent the evils attendant on the methods so long established and adapted to every species of trade (flera utgåvor) Edward Thomas. Jones 1797 Engelska
208 Lettre d'un franc-tenancier du comté de Denbigh, à M. Johnes, membre du Parlement pour ce même comté, au sujet de sa motion contre les émigrés françois 1798 Franska
209 The Experience of Rev. Thomas H. Jones, Who Was a Slave for Forty-three Years Thomas H. Jones 2011 Okänt
210 Missing Professor: An Academic Mystery Thomas B. Jones uuuu-uuuu Okänt
211 The Host in the Machine: Examining the Digital in the Social (Chandos Internet Series) Angela Thomas-Jones. 2010 Okänt
212 Thomas Jones, brewer, appellant. Anne Bennett, widow, and Michael Harborne, gent. executors of the last will of Thomas Bennett, Tanner; respondents. The respondents case. ... Anne. Bennett 1713 Engelska
213 Electromechanics and MEMS Thomas Byron Jones 2013 Engelska
214 Figures and Descriptions of Canadian Organic Remains Decade III Geological Survey of Canada 1858 Engelska
215 Repentance and reconciliation with God recommended and enforced - In two sermons, preached at the Parish-Church of St. Saviour, Southwark; on Sunday February the 1st. and on Friday the 6th. Being the day appointed, by His Majesty's proclamation, to be observed as a general fast. With a serious and affectionate address to the inhabitants of the said parish. By T. Jones, chaplain Thomas Jones 1756 Engelska
216 Immanuel; or Scipture views of Jesus Christ. By Thomas Jones, curate of creaton Thomas Jones 1799 Engelska
217 Thomas Jones Brewer, appell' Anne Bennett, widow and relict of Thomas Bennett Tanner, and Michael Harbourne gent. executors of the said Thomas Bennett, respts. The appellant's case. ... Thomas Jones, brewer 1713 Engelska
218 Advertisement. Whereas David Owen, labourer of the parish of Llanbrynmair in the county of Montgomery: has been found guilty of stealing a vast number of sheep, to the great injury of his neighbours. And upon discovery of his ill-practice has lately fie'd away. This is is to certify that whosoever will find and get him bound shall receive a reward of two guineas, on giving information to Mr. Thomas Jones. Constable for the township of Rhiwsaeson in the said parish of Llanbrynmair Thomas Jones, constable for the township of Rhiwsaeson 1794 Engelska
219 Human depravity: exemplified by a statement of facts, in a letter from the Rev. T. Jones, to the Rev. J. N* * * * *, London Thomas Jones 1799 Engelska
220 A sermon preached before the several associations of the Laudable Order of Anti-Gallicans, - At the Parish Church of St. Bridget, (vulgarly St. Bride) London, on Tuesday, the 23d of April, 1754. (Being St. George's day) By Thomas Jones, B.A. chaplain of St. Saviour, Southwark Thomas Jones M,DCC,LIV. 1754 Engelska

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