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Titel Författare År Språk
201 The architecture of Greece & Rome - a sketch of its historic development William J. Anderson 1907 Engelska
202 The architecture of the Renaissance in Italy - a general view for the use of students and others William J. Anderson 1909 Engelska
203 The causes, symptoms, & treatment of eccentric nervous affections William John Anderson 1850 Engelska
204 Continuous-time Markov chains - an applications-oriented approach William J. Anderson cop. 1991 Engelska
205 The *architecture of Greece and Rome William J. Anderson 1927- Engelska
206 Japanese wood engravings - their history, technique, and characteristics William Anderson 1895 Engelska
207 A guide to Cherokee documents in foreign archives William L. Anderson 1983 Engelska
208 Laura Ingalls Wilder - a biography William Anderson 1992 Engelska
209 Laura Ingalls Wilder country William Anderson 1990 Engelska
210 Laura Wilder of Mansfield William Anderson cop. 1968 Engelska
211 Lectures on Kak'ké delivered at the Imperial Naval Hospital, Yedo, Japan William Anderson 1879 Engelska
212 A letter to the Right Honourable Lord Althorp - in consequence of his proposal of enquiring into the expediency of renewing the bank charter : in which a plan is submitted for introducing (instead of the present) a safe, fixed, and unalterable paper currency, calculated to meet and to sustain every possible exigency, and at the same time to yield a considerable revenue to the state William Anderson, writer on banking 1832 Engelska
213 Local government and finance in Minnesota William Anderson cop. 1935 Engelska
214 Local Government and Finance in Minnesota William Anderson 1935 Okänt
215 The London commercial dictionary, and sea-port gazetteer - exhibiting a clear and comprehensive view of the productions, manufactures, and commerce, of all nations ... the various moneys, weights and measures, and the proportion of each to those of England William Anderson, of London 1826 Engelska
216 The London commercial dictionary, and sea-port gazetteer Anderson William Anderson, of London 1819 Engelska
217 Integrating music into the elementary classroom William M. Anderson c2010 Engelska
218 Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education William M. Anderson 2010 Okänt
219 Teaching music with a multicultural approach William M. Anderson cop. 1991 Engelska
220 The Glory Years of the Detroit Tigers: 1920-1950 (Painted Turtle Books) William M. Anderson 2012 Okänt

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