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201 A new almanacke and prognostication for the yere of our sauiour Christ. M.D.LXVIII - being the yere since the creation of the worlde. 5530. Calculated chiefelye for all England and seruing also in some respectes, other realmes: as Ireland, Fraunce, &c Published by Iohn Securis phisition, dwelling in Salisbury in the newe streete John. Securis 1568 Engelska
202 Pro Node.js for Developers Colin J. Ihrig 2013 Engelska
203 How to Create the Next Facebook - Seeing Your Startup Through, from Idea to IPO Tom. Taulli 2012 Engelska
204 Check your English vocabulary for IELTS - essential words and phrases to help you maximise your IELTS score Rawdon Wyatt 2017 Engelska
205 Dreyer's English - an utterly correct guide to clarity and style Benjamin. Dreyer 2019 Engelska
206 Have you any work for a cooper, or, A comparison betwixt a cooper's and a joyner's trade - wherein their qualities are both display'd, but still the cooper, as you here may find, the joyner does excell in ev'ry kind : the tune, The fryar and the nun, &c 1681 Engelska
207 Evolution in a Toxic World - How Life Responds to Chemical Threats Emily. Monosson 2012 Engelska
208 The Networked Health-Relevant Factors for Office Buildings - The Planned Health 2020 Engelska
209 Excel 2010 for Social Science Statistics - A Guide to Solving Practical Problems Thomas J. Quirk 2012 Engelska
210 The country-mans lamentation for the death of his cow. - A country swain of little wit one day, did kill his cow because she went astray: what's that to I or you, she was his own, but now the ass for his cow doth moan: most pineously methink he cries in vain, for now his cow,s sic free from hunger, and pain: what ails the fool to make so great a stir, she cannot come to him, he may to her. To a pleasant country tune, called, Colly my cow between 1674-1683 Engelska
211 A fairing for young-men and maids. - If you'l take my advice, this I would have you do, then every young-man take his lass, and drink one pot or two. To the tune of, The Winchester wedding. This may be printed, R.P Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
212 If you know not me, you know no body. The second part - With the building of the Royall Exchange. And the famous victory of Queen Elizabeth: anno 1588 Thomas Heywood 1623 Engelska
213-214 Nolens volens, or, You shall make Latin whether you will or no - containing the plainest directions that have yet been given on that subject : together with The youths visible Bible : being an alphabetical collection ... of such general heads as were judg'd most capable of hieroglyphicks (flera utgåvor) Elisha Coles 1677 Engelska
215 The alewives invitation to married-men, and batchelors. - Shewing how a good fellow is slighted when he is brought to poverty. Therefore take my counsel, & alewives don't trust, for when you have wasted, and spent all you have, then out of doors she will you headlong thrust, calling you rascal, and shirking knave. But so long as you have money, come early or (late, you shall have her at command, or else her (maid Kate. To a new tune, or, Digby's farewell between 1675-1680 Engelska
216 Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education - Volume 2 2017 Engelska
217 An excellent new medley, - which you may admire at (without offence) for euery line speakes a contrary sences to the tune of, Tarletons medley M. P. (Martin Parker) ca. 1625 Engelska
218 A vision or dreame contayning the whole state of the Netherland warres - as it appeared to a louer of the Netherlands lying in his bed, vpon the 7. of Nouember, betweene 3. and 4. of the clocke in the morning, wherein was represented vnto him a goodly country, and therein a fayre comely horse well brideled and sadled, whereat being much amazed, he sayde, behold the horse, but where is the rider? 1615 Engelska
219 Internet of Things, Smart Spaces, and Next Generation Networking - 12th International Conference, NEW2AN 2012, and 5th Conference, ruSMART 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia, August 27-29, 2012. Proceedings Sergey. Andreev 2012 Engelska
220 For those that meet to worship at the steeplehouse, called John Evangelist, in London, or, any other in that nature upon whom the Scriptures are fulfilled, in evil intreating the servants of the Lord Iesus, whom he sends to deliver his message amongst you. - Or for any other that are condemned for sin, and have thirstings after righteousness R. T. (Rebecca Travers) 1659 Engelska

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