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221 The worthy communicant - or, a discourse of the nature, effects, and blessings consequent to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper; ... By Jeremy Taylor Jeremy Taylor 1701 Engelska
222-223 The rule and exercises of holy living - in which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every vertue, and the remedies against every vice, ... Together with prayers ... By Jer. Taylor (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1715 Engelska
224-226 The golden grove - A choice manual: containing what is to be believed, practised, and desired or prayed for; ... Also festival hymns, ... By Jeremy Taylor, D.D (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1735 Engelska
227 The life of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ: ... Likewise the lives, acts, and deaths of the holy evangelists and apostles, ... Illustrated with pictures. By J. Taylor, B.D Jeremy Taylor 1758 Engelska
228 A discourse on the Lord's Supper, by Jeremy Taylor, D.D. ... MDCLXXIV. Republished by John Wheeldon, A.M. Jeremy Taylor 1792 Engelska
229-230 The rule and exercises of holy dying - in which are described the means and instruments of preparing ourselves and others repectively for a blessed death; ... together with prayers (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1739 Engelska
231 Thoughts upon infant-baptism - By the late Reverend and learned Dr. Jer. Taylor, ... To which are added several quotations from other learned pædo-baptists, ... With some few remarks Jeremy Taylor 1754 Engelska
232-233 A moral demonstration of the truth of the Christian religion - with an introduction on the nature and force of probable arguments. First printed in the year 1660, and now accurately reprinted by the editor (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1776 Engelska
234-235 The life of Bishop Taylor - and the purest spirit of his writings, extracted and exhibited by John Wheeldon (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1793 Engelska
236 Contemplations of the state of man in this life - and in that which is to come. By Jeremy Taylor Juan Eusebio Nieremberg 1726 Engelska
237 Rules and advices to the clergy of the diocese of Down and Conner sic - for their deportment in their personal and publick capacities. Given by Jer. Taylor, ... First printed since the year M.DC.LXI Jeremy Taylor 1774 Engelska
238 Christ or Anti-Christ - Or the celebrated Ludolf's True and only way to union among Christians: with a series of letters, inserted in the public papers relative thereto; ... To which is annexed A moral demonstration, ... by Bishop Jeremiah Taylor 1758 Engelska
239 Rheol buchedd sanctaidd yn dangos y moddion a'r arfeu i ynnill pob grâs, ... Ynghŷd â gweddiau yn cynnwys hôll ddyledswydd Cristion. ... Gan Jer. Taylor, D.D Jeremy Taylor 1701 Kymriska
240 Antiquitates Christianæ - or, the history of the life and death of the holy Jesus: as also the lives, acts, and martyrdoms of his apostles. In two parts. The first part, containing the life of Christ, written by Jer. Tayor, ... The second containing the lives of the apostles, ... By William Cave Jeremy Taylor 1742 Engelska

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