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221 A sermon upon duelling, preached before the University of Cambridge, on Sunday, Dec. 11, 1791, By Thomas Jones, M.A. Fellow of Trinity College Thomas Jones MDCCXCII. 1792 Engelska
222 The reports of several special cases adjudged in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas at Westminster, in the reign of King Charles II. By Sir Thomas Jones knt. late chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas. With two tables; the one of the names of the cases, and the other of the principal matters contained therein Thomas Jones, Sir MDCCXXIX. 1729 Franska
223-224 The religious remembrancer - being a serious address to the Christian world, on the great subjects of real and practical religion. By the Reverend Mr. Jones. Eleven lines from Titus (flera utgåvor) Thomas Jones 1759? Engelska
225 A sermon preached at the visitation of the Reverend Dr. Thackeray, Archdeacon of Surry, - on Tuesday, September 16, 1755, at the Parish Church of St. Saviour, Southwark. By T. Jones, M.A. Chaplain of the said parish Thomas Jones 1756 Engelska
226 The beauties of spring. - A sermon preach'd at the Parish Church of St. Saviour, Southwark, in May, 1758. By T. Jones, M.A. Chaplain of the said parish Thomas Jones M.DCC.LIX. 1759 Engelska
227 Cooling Electrons in Nanoelectronic Devices by On-Chip Demagnetisation Alexander Thomas. Jones 2020 Engelska
228 Deadly Professors electronic resource : A Faculty Development Mystery Thomas B. Jones uuuu-uuuu Okänt
229 The Influence of Marsilio Ficino (1433-1494) on Elizabethan Literature: Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare Thomas O. Jones uuuu-uuuu Okänt
230 Wing Theory Robert Thomas Jones Engelska
231-232 On the power, wisdom, and goodness of God - as manifested in the creation of animals, and in their history, habits, and instincts, in two volumes. Vol. 2 (flera utgåvor) William Kirby 1852 Engelska
233 One moonlit night T. Llew (Thomas Llew) Jones 2015 Engelska
234 The Host in the Machine electronic resource : Examining The Digital In The Social Angela. Thomas-Jones uuuu-uuuu Okänt
235 New Plywood Boats: And a Few Others Thomas Firth Jones 2001 Engelska
236 Urinary System Ulrich Mohr 1998 Okänt
237 Energy in Europe: Issues and Policies Thomas G. Weyman-Jones uuuu-uuuu Okänt
238 This book means business - clever ways to plan and write a book that works Alison (guys And St Thomas Hospital Trust London Uk) Jones 2018 Engelska
239 Game theory - a john murray original Thomas Jones 2018 Engelska
240 The Gregynog press - a paper read to the Double Crown club on 7 april 1954 Thomas Jones 1954 Engelska

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