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241-242 Theologia eklektikē - A discourse of the liberty of prophesying. Shewing the unreasonableness of prescribing to other mens faith, and the iniquity of persecuting differing opinions. By Jer. Taylor (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1709 Engelska
243 Antiquitates Christianæ - or, the history of the life and death of the holy Jesus: as also the lives, acts and martyrdoms of his apostles. In two parts. The first part, containing the life of Christ, written by Jer. Taylor, ... The second, containing the lives of the apostles, ... by William Cave Jeremy Taylor 1703 Engelska
244 The rule of conscience - or, Bishop Taylor's Ductor dubitantium abridged. By Richard Barcroft, ... In two volumes Jeremy Taylor 1725 Engelska
245 Ystyriaethau o gyflwr dyn, yn y bywyd hwn ac yn yr hwn sy i ddyfod - O waith ... Jer. Taylor, ... Ac a gyfieithwyd gan Gr. Wynn Juan Eusebio Nieremberg 1724? Kymriska
246-248 The life of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ - with considerations and discourses upon the conception, nativity, ... Including several unanswerable arguments, ... Likewise the lives, acts, and deaths of the holy evangelists and apostles, ... By J. Taylor, B.D (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor MDCCXCVI. 1796 Engelska
249 The common-prayer-book the best companion in the house and closet - as well as in the temple: or, a collection of prayers out of the liturgy of the Church of England, ... with a particular office for the Sacrament. To which is added, The Bible, the best new-years-gift. By Jer. Taylor 1724 Engelska
250 A scheme of plea, for and against the baptizing of infants - By the late learned and reverend Dr. Jer. Taylor, ... To which is added, several quotations from other learned pædo-baptists, ... By an admirer of the Doctor's great learning and ability Jeremy Taylor 1717 Engelska
251 The rule and exercises of holy dying - in which are described the means and instruments of preparing ourselves and others respectively for a blessed death; ... By Jeremiah Taylor Jeremy Taylor 1796 Engelska
252 The lives, travels & sufferings of the holy evangelists and apostles - with their martyrdoms, for preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. By J. Taylor, B.D William Cave 1800? Engelska
253 Pioneer 2 Onlinebok Grupplicens 12 mån Christer Lundfall 2013 Svenska
254 Not a chimp - the hunt to find the genes that make us human Jeremy Taylor 2009 Engelska
255 Going to Ground Jeremy Taylor Engelska
256 An apology for the discipline of the ancient church - intended especially for that of our Mother the Church of England, in answer to the Admonitory letter lately published William Nicholson 1659 Engelska
257 The Rule And Exercises Of Holy Living Jeremy Taylor 2000 Engelska
258 Doctor Schnitzler´s dog Jeremy Taylor 2011 Engelska
259 All 4 love Jeremy Taylor 2010 Engelska
260 Football friends Jeremy Taylor cop. 2007 Engelska

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