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261 A token for children, - being an exact account of the conversion, holy and exemplary lives and joyful deaths, of several young children. By James Janeway, Minister of the Gospel. To which is added, A token for the children of New England. Or, Some examples of children, in whom the fear of God was remarkably budding before they died; in several parts of New-England. Preserved and published for the encouragement of piety in other children James Janeway MDCCXCV. 1795 Engelska
262 An history of seasonable interpositions; especially relating to the twice-memorable fifth of November. - Boston 5 d. IX m. 1719 Cotton Mather 1719 Engelska
263 American tears upon the ruines of the Greek churches. - A compendious, but entertaining history of the darkness come upon the Greek churches, in Europe and Asia. Composed by an American. And published, partly to bespeak a more frequent remembrance of those (once) famous churches, in the prayers of the faithful afar off. And, partly, to suggest unto other churches, the advice and warning to be thence taken, that their candlestick, may not be removed out of its place. With, an appendix containing a relation of the conversion of a Jew, named, Shalome Ben Shalomoh Cotton Mather 1701 Engelska
264 The armour of Christianity - A treatise, detecting first, the plots of the devil against our happiness. Declaring then, the wiles by which those plots are managed. And propounding, lastly, the thoughts by which those wiles may be defeated. Two lines from Numbers Cotton Mather 1704 Engelska
265 The balance of the sanctuary - A short and plain essay; declaring, the true balance wherein every thing should be weighed, and, detecting, the false balance wherein many things are weighed, among the children of men. A lecture; in the audience of the General Assembly at Boston, Oct. 5. 1727. One line from Leviticus Cotton Mather 1727 Engelska
266 Baptismal piety - Two brief essays. I. The angel of the waters. Instructing the spectators of the sacred baptism, administred in our assemblies, how to make it a most profitable spectacle. II. The angel of the little ones directing the aims and the frames wherewith parents are to bring their infants unto the holy baptism. One line from Ezekiel Cotton Mather Printed in the year 1727 Engelska
267 Bonifacius - An essay upon the good, that is to be devised and designed, by those who desire to answer the great end of life, and to do good while they live. A book offered, first, in general, unto all Christians, in a personal capacity, or in a relative. Then more particularly, unto ministers, unto physicians, unto lawyers, unto scholemasters sic, unto wealthy gentlemen, unto several sorts of officers, unto churches, and unto all societies of a religious character and intention. With humble proposals, of unexceptionable methods, to do good in the world. Two lines from Ephesians Cotton Mather 1710 Engelska
268 A good character. Or, A walk with God characterized. - With some dues paid unto the memory of Mr. Joseph Belcher, the late Reverend & excellent Pastor of Dedham, who expired April 27. 1723. By one of the ministers of Boston. Three lines of quotation in Latin With an Eleg by the Reverend Mr. John Danforth Cotton Mather 1723 Engelska
269 A good old age - A brief essay on the glory of aged piety. Humbly commended and presented unto them, whose arrival to, or near, sixty, ranks them among, the aged. Four lines from Psalms Cotton Mather 1726 Engelska
270 Family-religion, excited and assisted. - Offered to the reason and conscience of the prayerless housholder Cotton Mather 1720 Engelska
271 The greatest concern in the world. - A short and plain essay to answer that most concerning and all concerning inquiry, What must I do to be saved? Now published with a design to assist the addresses of good men unto their neighbours, whom they press to mind the one thing needful Cotton Mather M,DCC,LXV. 1765 Engelska
272 Baptistes. Or, A conference about the subject and manner of baptism - moderately, but successfully managed, between a minister who maintain'd infant-baptism, and a gentleman who scrupled it. Now published, at the desire and for the service of some serious Christians, who hav apprehended the explanation and the establishment of the truth in this matter, to be of some consequence to the interests of Christianity Cotton Mather 1724 Engelska
273 Hezekiah. A Christian armed with strength from above; to keep him from fainting in a day of adversity - In a brief essay, made at Boston-lecture; 26. d. IX m. 1713. In a time of much adversity, upon the author, & his neighbourhood. Six lines of quotations in English and Latin Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
274 Juga jucunda - A brief essay to obtain from young people, an early and hearty submission to the yoke of their Saviour, and his religion. With a relation of the glorious peace and joy, which brightened the dying hours of Mrs. Abiel Goodwin; who having born the yoke in her youth, triumphantly expired October 3. 1727. A sermon preached at the desire of the deceased. One line from Deuteronomy Cotton Mather MDCCXXVII. 1727 Engelska
275 Lampadarius. - A very brief essay, to show the light, which good men have in dark hours arising to them. Now published as a monument and instrument of gratitude unto heaven; at the desire and expence of one, whom God, under a dispensation full of darkness, has graciously appeared for Cotton Mather Printed in the year 1726 Engelska
276 A letter, about a good management under the distemper of the measles, at this time spreading in the country. - Here published for the benefit of the poor, and such as may want the help of able physicians Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
277 The man of God furnished - The way of truth, laid out; with a threefold catechism, I. The famous catechism, entituled, Milk for babes ... II. An abridgment of the Assemblies Catechism ... III. Supplies from the tower of Dvaid sic. Or, A catechism ... To which are added; several other instruments of piety; to serve the great interests of religion, which ly sic near to the hearts of all faithful ministers and all Godly householders. Offered unto the publick service, by several ministers of the Gospel in the churches of New-England. Two lines from John Cotton Mather 1708 Engelska
278 A man of reason - A brief essay to demonstrate, that all men should hearken to reason; and what a world of evil would be prevented in the world, if men would once become so reasonable. Three lines in Latin from Cicero Cotton Mather 1718 Engelska
279 Mare pacificum - A short essay upon those noble principles of Christianity, which may always compose and rejoyce, the mind of the afflicted Christian: and procure unto him a perpetual calm of mind, under every storm of affliction, that may come upon him. Two lines in Latin from Seneca Cotton Mather 1705 Engelska
280 Meat out of the eater. Or, Funeral-discourses occasioned by the death of several relatives - Work accommodated unto the service of all that are in any affliction; but very particularly such as are afflicted with the loss of their consorts or children. By Cotton Mather. Fou lines from I Corinthians Cotton Mather 1703 Engelska

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