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Titel Författare År Språk
261 Sparks 3, digitalt lärarmaterial och digital elevträning Jeremy Taylor 2023 Svenska
262 Sparks Year 8, Workbook Jeremy Taylor 2017 Engelska
263 Pioneer 1 - English 5 Christer Lundfall 2012 Svenska
264 Not a Chimp: The Hunt to Find the Genes That Make Us Human Jeremy Taylor 2009 Okänt
265 Pioneer 1, Key - English 5 Christer Lundfall 2012 Engelska
266 William Cave Antiquitates apostolicae, oder, Leben, Thaten und Märtyr-Tod der heiligen Apostel, wie auch derer beyden Evangelisten Marci und Lucä - nebst einer Einleitungs-Rede von denen drey Haupt-Regierungen der Kirchen Gottes William Cave 1710 Tyska
267 Holy living and dying - with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian, and the parts of devotion fitted to all occasions, and furnished for all necessities Jeremy Taylor 1875 Engelska
268 The House of Understanding. Selections from the writings of Jeremy Taylor by Margaret Gest Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down and Connor, and of Dromore 1954 Engelska
269 Pioneer. 1, Lärarhandledning - English 5 Christer Lundfall cop. 2012 Engelska
270 Pioneer 2, English 6 Christer Lundfall 2013 Engelska
271 Pioneer 2, Key - English 6 Christer Lundfall 2013 Engelska
272 Pioneer 2, Lärarhandledning - English 6 Christer Lundfall 2013 Svenska
273 Sparks Year 6, Workbook Katarina Svenning 2021 Engelska
274 The rule and exercises of holy living - in which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every vertue, and the remedies against every vice, ... Together with Prayers ... By Jer. Taylor Jeremy Taylor 1706 Engelska
275 Sacred prolusions - Or, Select pieces from Bishop Taylor and Mr. Herbert. By the Rev. John Wheeldon, A.M. teacher of private grammar School at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire. With a preface and discourse on Rev. xviii. 21. By the editor. Volo soldium perenne Jeremy Taylor MDCC.LXVIII. 1768 Engelska
276-277 The golden grove. - A choice manual: containing what is to be believed, practised, and desired or pray'd for; the prayers being fitted to the several days of the week. Also festival hymns, according to the manner of the ancient church. Composed for the use of the devout; especially of younger persons. By Jeremy Taylor, D.D (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor MDCCXXV. 1725 Engelska
278-279 The life of Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ. - With considerations and discourses upon the conception, nativity, circumcision, Baptism, temptation, preaching, miracles, passion, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Including several unanswerable arguments, obvious to the meanest capacity, in defence of the divinity of our holy redeemer, and the truths of the Christian religion. Likewise, the lives, acts, and deaths of the holy evangelists and apostles, as recorded by the primitive fathers, and ancient writers of unquestionable veracity. By J. Taylor, B.D (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor MDCCXLII. 1742 Engelska
280 Bishop Taylor's judgment concerning the power of parents over their children in his Ductor Dubitantium, &c. Edit. IV. 1696 Jeremy Taylor 1710? Engelska

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