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261 The second sett of catechisms and prayers - or, some helps to the religion of children and their knowledge of the Scripture, from seven to twelve years of age. ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1733 Engelska
262-272 A guide to prayer - or, a free and rational account of the gift, grace and spirit of prayer; with plain directions how every Christian may attain them. By J. Watts (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1790 Engelska
273 The knowledge of the heavens and the earth made easy - or, the first principles of astronomy and geography explain'd by the use of globes and maps. ... Written ... for the use of learners. By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1745 Engelska
274 Discourses of the love of God - and its influence on all the passions: with a discovery of the right use and abuse of them in matters of religion. ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1770 Engelska
275-277 The improvement of the mind - second part. With various remarks and rules about the communication of useful knowledge. Also a discourse on the education of children and youth. To which are added Remnants of time ... Being the posthumous works of the late Reverend Isaac Watts, D.D. Published from his manuscript by D. Jennings, D.D. and P. Doddridge, D.D (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1785 Engelska
278 The first sett of catechisms and prayers - or, the religion of little children under seven or eight years of age. Collected out of the larger books of prayers and catechisms ... By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1779 Engelska
279 A preservative from the sins and follies of childhood and youth - written by way of question and answer: to which is added, a large catalogue of remarkable scripture-names collected for the use of children, ...By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1734 Engelska
280 Death and heaven - or the last enemy conquer'd, and separate spirits made perfect: ... attempted in two funeral discourses, in memory of Sir John Hartopp Bart. and his lady, deceased. By I. Watts Isaac Watts 1724 Engelska

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