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281 Service-Oriented Computing - 10th International Conference, ICSOC 2012, Shanghai, China, November 12-15, 2012. Proceedings Chengfei. Liu 2012 Engelska
282 Mathematical Modelling for Teachers - A Practical Guide to Applicable Mathematics Education Jürgen. Maaß 2018 Engelska
283 A new almanacke and prognostication, for the yere of our Lorde. M. D. lxviii - beyng leape yere, wherin is set forthe and shewed the chaunge of the moone, with her full and quarters, the varietie of the ayer and windes, the conuenient tymes to take medicines: also to sowe, sette, plante, grafte, gelde or libbe beastes, and many other necessarie notes, as in the table of the contentes, you maie aesely and euidently see and perceiue. Perfectly made and calculated, for the meridian and pole artike of London, beyng exalted 51. degrees, 34. minutes. By M. Thomas Buckmaster. Seruyng for all Englande. Also the moste principall faires, verie necessarie for all people, that dooe resorte to the same Thomas Buckminster 1568 Engelska
284 A pleasant new ballad to sing both euen and morne, of the bloody murther of Sir John Barley-corne. - to the tune of, Shall I lie beyond thee. A New ballad for you to looke on, How mault doth deale with euery one, to the tune of Triumph and joy ca. 1625 Engelska
285 Transitions from school to work - globalization, individualization, and patterns of diversity 2009 Engelska
286 Processing for Android - Create Mobile, Sensor-Aware, and VR Applications Using Processing Andrés. Colubri 2017 Engelska
287 Math for Scientists - Refreshing the Essentials Natasha. Maurits 2017 Engelska
288 RF Transceiver Design for MIMO Wireless Communications Abbas. Mohammadi 2012 Engelska
289 Meetings, Negotiations, and Socializing - A Guide to Professional English Adrian. Wallwork 2014 Engelska
290 Molecular Computing - Towards a Novel Computing Architecture for Complex Problem Solving Weng-Long. Chang 2014 Engelska
291 Computational Science – ICCS 2018 - 18th International Conference, Wuxi, China, June 11–13, 2018, Proceedings, Part I 2018 Engelska
292 Information Security Practice and Experience - 14th International Conference, ISPEC 2018, Tokyo, Japan, September 25-27, 2018, Proceedings 2018 Engelska
293 A sea change - the exclusive economic zone and governance institutions for living marine resources Syma A. Ebbin c2005 Engelska
294 Health Care Reform Simplified - What Professionals in Medicine, Government, Insurance, and Business Need to Know Dave. Parks 2012 Engelska
295 The Petition for the prelates briefly examined. - vvherein you have these pleas for praelacy, discussed and ansvvered. 1. The pretended antiquity of prelacys.--2. The quality of some men who have bin prolates, as martyrs and champions for the truth.--3. The pretended peaceable and prosperous times we have had under pralaticall government.--4. The offence that many are said, will take, at the abolishing of it.--5. The pretended universall practise of the Christian world.--6. The pretended sutablenesse of it to the policy of this state.--7. The pretended disagreeing of such, who desire another government.--8. The continuance of it for many ages without any alteration.--9. Severall arguments to shew the unlawfulnesse of prelacy Printed in the yeare. MDCXLI. 1641 Engelska
296 Speaking of Learning… - Recollections, Revelations, and Realizations Avraham. Cohen 2014 Engelska
297 The Micro-World Observed by Ultra High-Speed Cameras - We See What You Don’t See 2018 Engelska
298 The AMA Handbook of Business Writing - The Ultimate Guide to Style, Grammar, Punctuation, Usage, Construction and Formatting Kevin. Wilson 2010 Engelska
299 Chinese Lexical Semantics - 18th Workshop, CLSW 2017, Leshan, China, May 18–20, 2017, Revised Selected Papers 2018 Engelska
300 Dade 1592 - a new almanacke and prognostication in which you may beholde the state of this yeere of our Lord God 1592, being leape yeere John Dade 1592 Engelska

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