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301 Successive generations - Remarks upon the changes of a dying world, made by one generation passing off, and another generation coming on. Delivered in the audience of the General Assembly of the Massachusetts-province, New-England. 8d. Xm. 1715. By C. Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. One line from Judges Cotton Mather 1715 Engelska
302 More wonders of the invisible world: or, The wonders of the invisible world, displayed in five parts. ... - To which is added, a postscript, relating to a book entitled, "The life of Sir William Phips." Collected by Robert Calef, merchant, of Boston, in New-England Robert Calef 1797 Engelska
303 Just commemorations - The death of good men, considered; and the characters of some who have lately died in the service of the churches, exhibited. Unto which there is added, a brief account of the evangelical work among the Christianized Indians of New-England; whereof one of the persons here commemorated, was a valuable and memorable instrument. Three lines of quotation Cotton Mather 1715 Engelska
304 The palm-bearers - A brief relation of patient and joyful sufferings; and of death gloriously triumphed over; in the history of the persecution which the Church of Scotland suffered, from the year 1660, to the year 1688. Two lines from Hebrews Cotton Mather 1725 Engelska
305 Tabitha rediviva - An essay to describe and commend the good works of a vertuous woman; who therein approves her self a real disciple of an holy Saviour. With some justice done to the memory of that religious and Honourable gentlewoman, Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson. Who expired, 3.d. 12.m. 1712,13. In the LXXI year of her age. By Cotton Mather, D.D. Four lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
306 A testimony, to the order of the Gospel, in the churches of New-England - Left in the hands of the churches, by the two most aged Ministers of the Gospel yet surviving in the countrey. Four lines of Scripture texts John Higginson 1701 Engelska
307 Undoubted certainties. Or, Piety enlivened from the view of what the living do certainly know of death approaching - In a sermon preached on the death of Mrs. Abigail Sewall, who expired, 26 d. III m. 1720. Aetatis 54. By Cotton Mather D.D. and F.R.S. One line epigram in Latin Cotton Mather 1720 Engelska
308 Useful remarks - An essay upon remarkables in the way of wicked men. A sermon on the tragical end, unto which the way of twenty-six pirates brought them; at New Port on Rhode-Island, July 19, 1723. With an account of their speeches, letters, & actions, before their execution. Two lines from Deuteronomy Cotton Mather 1723 Engelska
309 Utilia. Real and vital religion served, in the various & glorious intentions of it - With eight essays upon important subjects, which have a serviceable aspect upon it ... Two lines from Erasmus Cotton Mather 1716 Engelska
310 Vigilius. Or, The awakener, - making a brief essay, to rebuke first the natural sleep which too often proves a dead fly, in the devotions of them that indulge it. And then the moral sleep, wherein the souls of men frequently omit the duties, and forfeit the comforts, of religion. In earnest. One line from 1 Corinthians Cotton Mather 1719 Engelska
311 The best way of living; which is to die daily - very briefly described and commended in a plain discourse, made at a time, when the author had newly seen repeated strokes of death, on his own family. And the publisher had his family also struck with a sudden death upon a vital part of it. 22. d. IX. m. 1713. By Cotton Mather, D.D. One line from 2 Corinthians Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
312 The Christian temple. Or, An essay upon a Christian considered as a temple - A consideration of great consequence to the interests of Christianity. Three lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather 1706 Engelska
313 The comfortable chambers, opened and visited, - upon the departure of that aged and faithful servant of God, Mr. Peter Thatcher i.e., Thacher, the never to be forgotten pastor of Milton, who made his flight thither, on December 17. 1727. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. (The last sermon the author ever delivered.) One line from Canticles Cotton Mather MDCCXCVI. 1796 Engelska
314 Concio ad populum - A distressed people entertained with proposals for the relief of their distresses. In a sermon at Boston; made in the audience of His Excellency the governour, and the General Assembly of the Massachusetts-Bay, New-England. 12 d. Im. 1719. By Cotton Mather, D.D. and F.R.S. Two lines from Isaiah Cotton Mather 1719 Engelska
315 Diluvium ignis - De secundo ac optando Jehovae-Jesu adventu; deque secundo ac tremendo illum comitante diluvio; atque de fine omnium instante; monita quaedam Scripturaria, et salutaria, atque summe necessaria: mundo alte consopito, et haec porro omnia susque deque habituro, oblata. Two lines in Latin from Deuteronomy Cotton Mather Editur, A.D. Vulgariter, 1726. Realiter, 1729. i.e., 1726 Latin
316 Elizabeth in her holy retirement - An essay to prepare a pious woman for her lying in. Or, Maxims and methods of piety, to direct and support an handmaid of the Lord, who expects a time of travail. Three lines of quotations Cotton Mather 1710 Engelska
317 A good evening for the best of dayes - An essay, to manage an action of trespass, against those who mispend the Lords-Day evening, in such things as have a tendency to defeat the good of the day. A sermon preached in the audience of the General Assembly, at Boston, 4 d. 9 m. 1708. And, published, by the order of the House of Representatives. Three lines from Psalms Cotton Mather 1708 Engelska
318 A sorrowful spectacle - In two sermons, occasioned by a just sentence of death, on a miserable woman, for the murder of a spurious offspring. The one declaring, the evil of an heart hardened, under and against all means of good. The other describing, the fearful case of such as in a suffering time, and much more such as in a dying hour, are found without the fear of God. With some remarkable things, relating to the criminal; proper for all to be informed of. By Cotton Mather, D.D. and F.R.S. One line from Acts Cotton Mather 1715 Engelska
319 Menachem - A very brief essay, on tokens for good: wherein, together with the good signs which all good men have to comfort them, there are exhibited also some good things of a late occurrence, and of a great importance, which have a comfortable aspect on the Protestant religion in general, and more particularly on a countrey of distinguished Protestants. A sermon, delivered in an honourable audience at Boston. 11 D. VII M. 1716. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. One line from Joshua Cotton Mather 1716 Engelska
320 Jesus Christ, a comforter to humble mourners - a discourse, delivered at Sharon, on account of the much lamented death of Mrs. Sarah Day, late consort of Mr. Jeremiah Day. Who died of a child-bed fever, on the 25th of August, 1767. Published at the earnest request of the friends. By Cotton-Mather Smith, A.M. Pastor of the church in Sharon. One line of Scripture text Cotton-Mather Smith 1767 Engelska

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