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301-302 The religious improvement of publick events - a sermon preach'd at Berry-Street, June 18. 1727. on occasion of the death of our late gracious sovereign George I. and the peaceful succession of His present Majesty George II. By I. Watts (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1727 Engelska
303 The second sett of catechisms and prayers - or, some helps to the religion of children, ... from seven to twelve years of age. Collected out of the larger books of prayers and catechisms, for childhood and youth. By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1797 Engelska
304 The second set of catechisms and prayers: or, some helps to the religion of children, ... from seven to twelve years of age. Collected out of the larger books of prayers and catechisms for children and youth. By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1786 Engelska
305 Discourses of the love of God - and its influence on all the passions: with a discovery of the right use and abuse of them in matters of religion. A devout meditation is annexed to each discourse. By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1746 Engelska
306-307 The improvement of the mind - or, a supplement to the art of logick: containing a variety of remarks and rules for the attainment and communication of useful knowledge, in religion, in the sciences, and in common life. By I. Watts, D.D (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1761 Engelska
308 Sermons on various subjects, - divine and moral: with a sacred hymn suited to each subject. In two volumes, formerly printed in three. ... By Isaac Watts Isaac Watts 1792 Engelska
309-310 Hymnau a chaniadau ysprydol - Yn dri llyfr. ... Gan Isaac Watts, D.D. Ac a gyfieithwyd i'r Gymraeg gan Dafydd Jones (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1794 Kymriska
311 Death and heaven - or the last enemy conquer'd, and separate spirits made perfect: with an account of the rich variety of their employments and pleasures; attempted in two funeral discourses, in memory of Sir John Hartopp Bar. and his lady deceased. By I. Watts Isaac Watts 1722 Engelska
312 The world to come - or, discourses on the joys or sorrows of departed souls at death, and the glory or terror of the resurrection. Whereto is prefix'd, an essay toward the proof of a separate state of souls after death. By I. Watts, D.D Isaac Watts 1739 Engelska
313-314 Divine songs, attempted in easy language, for the use of children - By Isaac Watts, D.D. Two lines from Matthew (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1799. (Price twelve cents) Engelska
315-316 Dr. Watts's historical catechisms - with alterations. The second edition. By Joseph Priestley, LL.D. F.R.S (flera utgåvor) Isaac Watts 1793 Engelska
317 Serious considerations concerning the doctrines of election and reprobation - Extracted from a late author Isaac Watts 1740 Engelska
318 Orthodoxy and charity united - in several reconciling essays on the law and Gospel, faith and works; viz. Essay I. The substance or matter of the Gospel. II. The form of the Gospel. III. The use of the law under the Gospel. IV. Mistaken ways of coming to God without Christ. V. A plain and easy account of saving faith, or coming to God by Jesus Christ. VI. A reconciling thought on various controversies about faith and salvation. VII. Against uncharitableness. VIII. The difficulties in Scripture, and the different opinions of Christians. IX. An apology for Christians of different sentiments. One line from Ephesians Isaac Watts MDCCXLIX. 1749 Engelska
319 A comprehensive abridgment of Dr. Watts's lyric poems, and miscellaneous thoughts - Together with the hymns subjoined to his forty four sermons, and a few pieces from Pope, Addison, Rowe, &c. Designed for the edification of youth, and the entertainment of the virtuous--a great part of which poems may be used, with propriety, in divine worship. By Solomon Howe. Four lines of verse Isaac Watts --1798 Engelska
320 Watts's compleat spelling-book - in three parts Isaac Watts 1737 Engelska

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