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Titel Författare År Språk
21 The shepheards oracle. - delivered in an eglogue Francis Quarles Printed in the yeare 1644 Engelska
22 The life and death of Dr Martin Luther - the passages whereof haue bin taken out of his owne and other godly and most learned, mens writings, who liued in his time Melchior Adam 1641 Engelska
23 The loyall convert.· Francis Quarles 1644 Engelska
24 Solomons recantation, entituled Ecclesiastes, paraphrased. - With a soliloquie or meditation upon every chapter Francis Quarles 1645 Engelska
25 The shepheards oracles. - delivered in certain eglogues Francis Quarles 1645 Engelska
26 Barnabas and Boanerges. - or, Wine and oyle for afflicted soules. Poured forth and applied in consolatory promises, prayers, and soliloquies Francis Quarles 1644 Engelska
27 Midnights meditations of death. - with pious and profitable observations, and consolations : perused by Francis Quarles a little before his death Edward Buckler 1646 Engelska
28 The loyall convert, (according to the Oxford copy.) - A convert will be loyall: or, some short annotations on this book W. Bridges 1644 Engelska
29 The vvhipper vvhipt· - Being a reply upon a scandalous pamphlet, called The whip: abusing that excellent work of Cornelius Burges, Dr in Divinity, one of the Assembly of Divines, entituled, The fire of the sanctuary newly discovered Francis Quarles M. DC. XLIV. 1644 Engelska
30 Seven yeares expired, the third of November. 1647 1647 Engelska
31 Englands losse and lamentation, occasioned by the death of that Right Honourable, Robert Lord Brooke, Baron of Beauchamp-court, who was slaine at Lichfield the second day of March. 1642. - Amplified, by some mournfull funerall expressions, from the authors feeling sense of so unvaluable a losse; complaining of the kingdomes stupidity, to awake a people slumbering in security, insensible of their insuing misery. Concluding with some consolations to his friends, and terror to his enemies popishly affected, and all malignants. By a loyall subject to the King, and a lover of the late Lord Brookes, and all his wel-wishers Loyal subject to the King and a lover of the late Lord Brookes and all his wel-wishers. 1643 Engelska
32 A plea for the King 1643 Engelska
33-35 Diuine fancies - digested into epigrammes, meditations, and observations (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles 1638 Engelska
36 Emblemes Francis Quarles 1635 Engelska
37-38 Diuine poems - containing the history of brace Ionah, Ester, Iob, Sampson : Sions brace sonets, elegies (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles 1638 Engelska
39-40 Divine poems - containing the history of brace Jonah, Ester, Job, Samson : Sions brace sonets, elegies (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles 1638 Engelska

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