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21 "Environmental toxicology and risk assessment : science, policy, and standardization-implications for environmental decisions" Bruce M. Greenberg 2000 Okänt
22 The design of merchant ships - a manual for determining the principal dimensions, engine power and internal arrangement, freeboard and tonnage measurement, and the calculation of the period of vibration and the strength of the hull J. C. Arkenbout Schokker 1953 Engelska
23 Users guide to ecohydraulic modelling and experimentation - experience of the ecohydraulic research team (PISCES) of the HYDRALAB network 2014 Engelska
24 Spectroscopic Properties of Rare Earths in Optical Materials electronic resource Robert. Hull 2005 Engelska
25 Shejken Edith M. Hull 1985 Svenska
26 Shejkens söner Edith M. Hull 1985 Svenska
27 Towards the Prophetic Church: A Study of Christian Mission John M. Hull 2014 Okänt
28 Parallel Worlds: Genre, Discourse, and Poetics in Contemporary, Colonial, and Classic Maya Literature Kerry M. Hull 2012 Okänt
29 Towards a better understanding of the consumer price index - an occasional paper prepared for the Economic council of Canada M.C. McCracken cop. 1980 Engelska
30 Hormones, Brain and Behavior 2002 Engelska
31 La Belle - the archaeology of a seventeenth-century ship of New World colonization 2017 Engelska
32 Transitions in work and learning - implications for assessment : papers and proceedings 1997 Engelska
33 Developments in advanced ceramics and composites - a collection of papers presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 23-28, 2005, Cocoa Beach, Florida Fla.) International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites 2005 : Cocoa Beach c2005 Engelska
34 A particular list of divers of the commanders and officers taken prisoners at Marston Moore neer York (otherwise called Hesham Moore.) - Also a relation of some remarkable passages, in the fight: as it is sent up in a letter from Hull, dated the sixth of Iuly, 1644. Printed according to order T. M. 1644 Engelska
35 A true relation of the proceedings from York and Beverley. - Shewing the great power and strength there raised against the Parliament and Hull, under the command of the Lord of Carnarvon, the Lord Rich, Colonell Fielding, Colonell Fielding, Colonell Lunsford, Capt. Butler, &c. Also the bountie of the clergie, and of the gentrie in York-shire, tending to the encreasing and managing of these unhappie proceedings. Likewise some rehearsall of Bishop Williams his sermon before the King, Iuly 24. And of the great hurt that the great recusant, Mr. Beckwith hath received by Sir Iohn Hotham. Sent in a letter from Beverley, to a citizen of good worth in London H. M. 1642 Engelska
36 A most true relation of the last weekes passages in Yorke, and Hull, - in two letters from thence, discovering the strange behaviours and rude affronts of the cavaliers and other malignant persons in those parts. With diverse other matters of extraordinary note, and very remarkable. Together with the names of those gentlemen which are entertained for the Prince his guard since he was made captaine of the troopes, viz. Mr. Franck of Kneton. George Grant Henry Blackston Peter Blackston brothers. Tho. Hall of Hornby. Francis Tunstell of Wicliff. Bierlaies Sonne. Cane of Stocton. Tounge William. Gordricke 1642 Engelska
37 Henry the Second; or, The fall of Rosamond - A tragedy; as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Written by Thomas Hull Thomas Hull M.DCC.LXXIV. 1774 Engelska
38 Roman Colchester Mark Reginald Hull 1958 Engelska
39 Home and school relationship 1972 Engelska
40 Ordination service - An introductory discourse on the nature of a Christian Church, by the Rev. M. Phillips; a charge by the Rev. E. Williams, D.D.; a sermon by the Rev. E. Parsons; with a confession of faith &c; delivered, Sept. 17th, 1800, at the independent chapel, Doncaster, at the public separation of the Rev. Samuel Bradley, to the pastoral office M. Phillips, Rev 1800 Engelska

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