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Titel Författare År Språk
21 The Man Who Knew Sebastian Mallaby 2017 Engelska
22 What price for privatization? - cultural encounter with development policy on the Zambian copperbelt Elizabeth. Parsons c2010 Engelska
23 What We Knew: Terror, Mass Murder and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany: an Oral History Eric A. Johnson 2005 Okänt
24 What if everything you knew about education was wrong? David Didau 2015 Engelska
25 Festschrift in honor of Norman K. Denzin - he knew his song well 2022 Engelska
26 If only we knew what we know : the transfer of internal knowledge and best practice / Carla O'Dell, C. Jackson Grayson, Jr. with Nilly Essaides Carla S. O'Dell uuuu-uuuu Okänt
27 Global Warming and Climate Change - what Australia knew and buried - then framed a new reality for the public Maria Taylor 2014 Engelska
28-29 We are all birds of Uganda (flera utgåvor) Hafsa Zayyan 2022 Engelska
30 If Nietzsche were a narwhal - what animal intelligence reveals about human stupidity Justin Gregg 2022 Engelska
31 Sincerely, your autistic child - what people on the autism spectrum wish their parents knew about growing up, acceptance, and identity 2021 Engelska
32 Losing Earth - The decade we could have stopped climate change Nathaniel Rich 2019 Engelska
33 Religious literacy - what every American needs to know--and doesn't Stephen R. Prothero 2008 Engelska
34 Dropped names - famous men and women as I knew them Frank Langella 2012 Engelska
35 Darwin, God, and the meaning of life - how evolutionary theory undermines everything you thought you knew Steve Stewart-Williams 2010 Engelska
36 The irrational ape - why we fall for disinformation, conspiracy theory and propaganda David Robert Grimes 2020 Engelska
37 What does it mean to understand a physics equation? - A study of undergraduate answers In three countries 12th Conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA 2017) DCU Dublin 21-25 Aug 2017 John Airey 2017 Engelska
38 Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are? Frans de Waal 2016 Engelska
39 Beyond weird - why everything you thought you knew about quantum physics is different Philip Ball 2018 Engelska
40 Men at war - what fiction tells us about conflict, from the Iliad to Catch-22 Christopher Coker 2014 Engelska

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