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381 Advances in Cryptology – EUROCRYPT 2013 - 32nd Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Athens, Greece, May 26-30, 2013. Proceedings Thomas. Johansson 2013 Engelska
382 The age & life of man. - Here you may see the frailty that's in men, till they have run the years threescore and ten P. Fancy 1675? Engelska
383 A rope treble-twisted, for John Tayler the water-poet. - Or rather for his malignant friends in London, which make use of his name to slander and abuse the Parliament, and well-affected party, in their pernicious pamphlets; and particularly, Mr. John Booker, a man of known honesty, and one who scornes to calculate for the meridian of Oxford. Snarle not, malignants: if you do, here's rope enough for you, and all that love the Pope John Booker 1644 Engelska
384 Vanity of vanities or Sir Harry Vane's picture. - To the tune of the Jews corant 1660 Engelska
385 Englands sorrow for the death of his late Majesty King Charles the II. of blessed memory J. (John). Knap 1685 Engelska
386 jQuery 2 Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach Arun K. Pande 2014 Engelska
387 Koimonogatari Volume 2 - love stories Tohru Tagura 2020 Engelska
389 Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.2 - Proceedings of the 2011 MSEC International Conference on Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing, November 26–27, Wuhan, China David. Jin 2012 Engelska
390 A prognostication for the yere of Christ Jesus our Lord & Sauiour, 1566 - wherein are declared dyuers notable thinges, as you shal perceaue by the readyng therof : whiche (if God so permit) ar like to come to passe John. Securis 1566 Engelska
391 Faithful Damon; or, Fair Celia obtained. - Though virgins they may say you nay, yet make a new reply, and you will find, they will be kind, they cannot you deny. To the tune of, The doubting virgin 1681 Engelska
392 Speculum anni, or, a glasse in which you may behold the revolution of the yeare of our Lord God MDCXLIX, being the first after bisextile or leap-yeare - shewing all the notable aspects of the planets with the moon, as also among themselves, with the true place of the sunne and moone, in signes, degrees, and minutes, for every day in the yeare, and the true place of the other planets for every fifth day : to which are added divers tables, both astronomical and nauticall, exactly calculated for the same yeare : figured? especially for the longitude and latitude of the famous and renowned city of London and may generally be used through the whole kingdome of England without any notable difference William Leybourn 1649 Engelska
393 The Parliaments thanks to the Citie - for their kinde complyance with them in all their treasons from time to time committed against His Maiesties honor, crowne and dignitie. Dedicated to the loyall and treacherous citizens; the valiant and cowardly citizens; the wise and foolish citizens; the wealthy and poor citizens; the square and Round-headed citizens; the honored, and the horned citizens. By Mercurius Melancholicus Mercurius Melancholicus Printed in the yeer, when the city stincks for fear. 1648 Engelska
394 Thee new carols for Christmas. - 1 All you that are to mirth inclin'd. 2 Let Christians now with joyful mirth. 3 Rejoice and be merry, set sorrow aside between ca. 1780 and 1800? Engelska
395 Where Do You Stand? Hendrik Otten 2012 Okänt
396 The oath of every free-man of the city of London City of London (England) 1653? Engelska
397 A Sayler new come ouer - And in this ship with him those of such fame The like of them, nere vnto England came, Men of such qualitie and parts most rare, Reading this Ditty, will shew you what they are to the tune of A sayler new come ouer ca. 1631 Engelska
398 Language and communication in mathematics education - international perspectives 2018 Engelska
399 Hebrew Dod, or Chathan. - The beloved; or, the bridegroom going forth for his bride. and looking out for his Japhejaphitha Hebrew his eaire one, or, his church, adorned with double beauty and excellency. Viz. Spirit and truth in thses latter dayes. Wherein you have his appearance out of his chambers, which have hid him for many ages past, who now comes forth in power and glory, like the sun, ah ardore Hebrew & calore Hebrew in his glistering ascension towards noon. ... Or else more properly. The first part of Iren. Evangel. or Church-discipline in the theory. Of the matter, form, end, object, rule, ruler, extent, foundation, and priviledges of a true church of Christ, according to gospel-institution, and different from all of false constitution. Declaring, what is to be done before beleevers embodying together, and in order to it, how it is Christs own work, who is both the author and finisher of our faith· Shewing his orient approach Hebrew John Rogers 1653 Engelska
400 Two unfortunate lovers, or, A true relation of the lamentable end of Iohn True, and Susan Mease. - their lives this ditty doth relate, and how they dy'd unfortunate. To the tune of, The brides buriall ca. 1640 Engelska

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