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401 Language and communication in mathematics education - international perspectives 2018 Engelska
402 Hebrew Dod, or Chathan. - The beloved; or, the bridegroom going forth for his bride. and looking out for his Japhejaphitha Hebrew his eaire one, or, his church, adorned with double beauty and excellency. Viz. Spirit and truth in thses latter dayes. Wherein you have his appearance out of his chambers, which have hid him for many ages past, who now comes forth in power and glory, like the sun, ah ardore Hebrew & calore Hebrew in his glistering ascension towards noon. ... Or else more properly. The first part of Iren. Evangel. or Church-discipline in the theory. Of the matter, form, end, object, rule, ruler, extent, foundation, and priviledges of a true church of Christ, according to gospel-institution, and different from all of false constitution. Declaring, what is to be done before beleevers embodying together, and in order to it, how it is Christs own work, who is both the author and finisher of our faith· Shewing his orient approach Hebrew John Rogers 1653 Engelska
403 Two unfortunate lovers, or, A true relation of the lamentable end of Iohn True, and Susan Mease. - their lives this ditty doth relate, and how they dy'd unfortunate. To the tune of, The brides buriall ca. 1640 Engelska
404 My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life - Digital Divorce from a Cognitive Personal Assistant Sebastian. Wedeniwski 2017 Engelska
405 Social Informatics - 10th International Conference, SocInfo 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 25-28, 2018, Proceedings, Part II 2018 Engelska
406 An excellent medley, - which you may admire at (without offence) for every line speaks a contrary sense. The tune is, Tarletons medley M. P. (Martin Parker) between 1663-1674 Engelska
407 A prognostication in which you may beholde the state of this present yeere of our Lord God, M.DC. Made and set foorth by Iohn Dade Gent. practicioner in phisicke John Dade 1600 Engelska
408 Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy for Beginners - How to Start if you Never Dared Before? Peter. von Theobald 2017 Engelska
409 A faire in Spittle Fields, where all the knick knacks of astrology are exposed to open sale, to all that will see for their love; and buy for their money. - Where, first Mr. William Lilley presents you with his pack, wherein he hath to sell. 1. The introduction, 2. Nativities caluclated, 3. The great ephimeredies, 4. Monarchy, or no monarchy 5. The caracture of K. Charles, 6. Annus Tenebrosus. Second, Nicholas Culpeper, brings under his veluet jacket. 1. His chalinges against the docttors sic of phuisick, sic 2. A pocket medicine, 3. An almanack, & conjuring circle, Third Mr. Bowker unlocked his pack, wherein is, 1. The 12. signes of the zodiack 2. The 12. houses, 3. The 7. planets, 4. The yeares predictions, and the starry globe J. B. 1652 Engelska
410 WCOM (World Class Operations Management) - Why You Need More Than Lean 2016 Engelska
411 Biology and Subjectivity - Philosophical Contributions to Non-reductive Neuroscience 2016 Engelska
412 An elegy upon the lamented death of Edward Millington, the famous auctioner. sic Thomas Brown 1703 Engelska
413 Marketing Renewable Energy - Concepts, Business Models and Cases 2017 Engelska
414 Out with 'em while you are about it William Pittis Printed in the year, 1710 Engelska
415 Fourier Transformation for Pedestrians Tilman Butz 2015 Engelska
416 Learn Unity 2017 for iOS Game Development - Create Amazing 3D Games for iPhone and iPad Allan. Fowler 2017 Engelska
417 The country lawyers maid Joan, - containing her languishing lamentation for want of a man, which at length she met with, being her masters man Mark. Tune of Turn coat of the times. Licensed according to order between 1688-1692 Engelska
418 The love-sick maid quickly revived. - Within the prime time of the Spring, vvithin a meadow she did sing; and solemnly these words she said, I fear that I shall dye a maid: but her sweetheart in ambush lay, and heard the words that she did say; as in this ditty you may hear if that you please but to give ear. Tune is, What shall I do, shall I dye for love, &c. Or, the Hay-makers between 1670-1696 Engelska
419 The Norfolke gentleman his last vvill and testament. - and how hee committed the keeping of his children to his owne brother, who dealt most wickedly with them: and how God plagued him for it. To the tune of Rogero ca. 1635 Engelska
420 An answer to the maiden's tragedy: or, The lamentation of a young man, - near Wolverhampton, for the death of a young maiden; which of late has been a great grief and trouble to him, for his unkindness to her. To the tune of, Russel's farewel 1690? Engelska

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