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421 All the examples, both words and sentences, of The first part of grammer, translated into English - by I.K. You shall know the method by the following epistle James Kirkwood 1676 Engelska
422 Software Engineering Research,Management and Applications 2011 Roger. Lee 2012 Engelska
423 TAX INSIGHT - FOR TAX YEAR 2014 AND BEYOND M. Casey. Murdock 2014 Engelska
424 A proper new balad in praise of my Ladie Marques, - whose death is bewailed, to the tune of New lusty gallant William Elderton 1569? Engelska
425 Databases for Small Business - Essentials of Database Management, Data Analysis, and Staff Training for Entrepreneurs and Professionals Anna. Manning 2015 Engelska
426 A compendious view, or Cosmographical, and geographical description of the whole world. - With more plain general rules, touching the use of the globe, then bave been yet published. Wherein is shewed the situation of the several countries, and islands: their particular governments, manners, commodities, and religions. Also a chronology of the most eminent persons, and things that have been since the creation, to this present: wherein you have a brief of the gospel, or a plain, and easie table, directing readily where to find the several things, that were taught, spoke, done and suffered, by Jesus Christ, throughout the said gospel. The which is not onely pleasant, and delightful; but very useful, and profitable; for all. But cheifly for those who want, either time, to read, or money to buy, many books Thomas Porter 1659 Engelska
427 An antidote of rare physick. - No rarer thing that you can find, to cure a discontented mind; a contented mind it is most rare, if you serve the Lord and stand in fear: and let no want nor poverty, disquiet your mind, I tell to ye; for God hath all things still in store, if you have content you need no more The tune is, No love like a contented mind: or, Phancies Phenix 1685 Engelska
428 Salmon's almanack for the year of our Lord 1684, of the worlds creation 5633, and of His Majesties reign 36 - wherein you will find contained, 1, the changes and quarters of the moon, 2, the length of the day and night, 3, the planets places to every fifth day, 4, the suns rising and setting, 5, the moons southing, rising, and setting, 6, the time of high-water at London-Bridg, 7, the exact high-water in 106 other ports, 8, the aspects of the planets with change of weather, 9, the increase and decrease of the days, 10, physical observations on each month, 11, the eclipses of the luminaries, 12, astrological judgments on the whle year after the new method in our Horae mathematicae with other things of material consequences William Salmon 1684 Engelska
429 The heavy heart, and a light purse. - Being the good fellows vindication to all his fellow companions, wishing them all to have a care, and keep out of the ale-wives snare, for when they are out you may get in, but when you are in, you can't get out, this by experience he hath found true, but now he bids them all adieu John Wade between 1681-1684 Engelska
430 To the honourable the House of Commons. - The Almighty God, bless, guide, and direct you, that you may have the honour to protect his true worship Elinor. James 1688? Engelska
431 What They Didnt Teach You at Medical School electronic resource Alan V. Parbhoo 2007 Engelska
432 Audel electrical trades pocket manual L. W. Brittian 2012 Engelska
433 Machine Learning for Decision Makers - Cognitive Computing Fundamentals for Better Decision Making Patanjali. Kashyap 2017 Engelska
434 8th International Munich Chassis Symposium 2017 - chassis.tech plus 2017 Engelska
435 DevOps for Azure Applications - Deploy Web Applications on Azure Suren. Machiraju 2018 Engelska
436 The seven wise-men of England. - To the tune of, To all you ladies, &c Printed in the year 1719 Engelska
437 To the worthy and independent freemen of the city of Rochester John Ward Allen 1790 Engelska
438 A good workeman needes neuer want worke. - If this be true, heres a parsell of ten, all lustie able well quallified men, that scarse haue their equals to eate, drinke, and sleepe and some are farr better to hang then to keepe. To the tune of the nine maids M. P. (Martin Parker) ca. 1635 Engelska
439 Out of the Box and onto Wall Street - Unorthodox Insights on Investments and the Economy Mark. Grant 2011 Engelska
440 Project Management Basics - How to Manage Your Project with Checklists Melanie. McBride 2016 Engelska

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