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461 The popes pedigree: or, The twineing of a wheelband, - shewing the rise and first pedigrees of mortals inhabiting beneath the moon. Being a most pleasant and new song. It is a well twined wheelband, the like whereof you never heard, but now shall plainly understand the twineing of the wheelband. To a pleasant new tune, or, London is a brave town M. P. (Martin Parker) between 1679-1691 Engelska
462 Introduction to Python for Engineers and Scientists - Open Source Solutions for Numerical Computation Sandeep. Nagar 2018 Engelska
463 Perspectives of System Informatics - 10th International Andrei Ershov Informatics Conference, PSI 2015, in Memory of Helmut Veith, Kazan and Innopolis, Russia, August 24-27, 2015, Revised Selected Papers 2016 Engelska
464 Exploring intercultural communication - language in action Zhu Hua 2014 Engelska
465 Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and Techniques - 16th International Workshop, APPROX 2013, and 17th International Workshop, RANDOM 2013, Berkeley, CA, USA, August 21-23, 2013. Proceedings Prasad. Raghavendra 2013 Engelska
466 Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing – SAT 2014 - 17th International Conference, Held as Part of the Vienna Summer of Logic, VSL 2014, Vienna, Austria, July 14-17, 2014. Proceedings Carsten. Sinz 2014 Engelska
467 To the independent freemen of the city of Rochester John Ward Allen 1790 Engelska
468 Here you may see what was the true honour amongst the Jewes - to magistrates, kings, fathers, mothers, masters, dames, and old men, which did not use the putting off the hat, nor scraping backward the foot George Fox 1660 Engelska
469 The west country nymph or The loyal maid of Bristol. - The flower of Bristol doth complain for the absence of her love and vows she constant will remain like to the turtle dove. Tune, Young Jammy between 1680-1695 Engelska
470 One-Shot Color Astronomical Imaging - In Less Time, For Less Money! L. A. Kennedy 2012 Engelska
471 Managing Humans - Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager Michael. Lopp 2016 Engelska
472 The squire turn'd ferret. - An excellent new ballad. To the tune of Hey boys! up go we; Chevey Chase, or what you please Alexander Pope 1727 Engelska
473 These be to require and charge you, and euery of you, in the Quenes maiesties name and behalf by vertue and authority of her graces commissyon to vs directed, that you be and personally appeare before vs, her maiesties commissioners at blank the blank next comming - bringinge with you, then & there to deliuer vnto us, to her highnesse vse, fayre wrytten in parchment vnder youre signes and seales, a true and perfect certificat and answer, of al and euery article and thing hereafter ensuing, so as you wil verefy the same to be true at your comming by your corporal othes, and answer the contrary at all times hereafter at your perils England and Wales ca. 1565? Engelska
474 The loves of Damon and Sappho: or: The shepherd crown'd with good success. - You lovers all that would successful be; be not too bashful, but in love be free: time but your passion and you'l never fail, there is a time when you'l be sure prevail. Maids will deny, its true, but soon will yield, if once you charge, they soon will lose the field: though they deny, it is but for a fashion, for when they do, they have the greatest passion. A pleasant new play-house song, to the tune of, Hail to the myrtle shades 1680 Engelska
475 Developing Conversational Interfaces for iOS - Add Responsive Voice Control to Your Apps Martin. Mitrevski 2018 Engelska
476 Seek and you shall find, or, A search into the grounds of religion - together with some queries in order to a particular satisfaction, upon account of the various opinions in this present age 1686 Engelska
477 Signal and Image Analysis for Biomedical and Life Sciences International Symposium on Computational Models for Life Sciences (2013 : Sydney) 2015 Engelska
478 The malignants conventicle: or, A learned speech spoken by M. VVeb, a citizen, to the rest of his society, - which did consist of brace citizen, malignants, papists, double brace priests, apprentices, wenches. At their common tavern meeting-house in Lincolnes Inne-fields. In which are many things very necessary to be observed, and of so great concernment, that if you will not believe, then take what followes: for now all is out M. Web 1643 Engelska
479 Septemb. 2. Numb. 37. The continuation of our forraine avisoes, from the 20. of the last moneth to this present - Containing the confirmation of the newes published the 20.th of August, concerning the severall encounters betwixt the King of Sweden and General Tilly, with the three dayes welcome given him, upon his project of nayling the K. of Sweden ordnance. An apologie of the King of Swedens (formerly published in the Dutch) not vnfit to give satisfaction to the world, concerning his not releeving of the citie Magdenburgh, wherein you shall finde a briefe relation of the Kings proceeding ever since hee began the warre in Germanie. The landing of the L. Generall, the Marquis Hamilton at Stralsunt, with all his men sound and well 1631 Engelska
480 Bartholomevv faire - or Variety of fancies, vvhere you may find a faire of vvares, and all to please your mind. With the severall enormityes and misdemeanours, which are there seene and acted 1641 Engelska

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