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481 Do you know what you are about? - Or, a Protestant alarm to Great Britain: proving our late theatric squabble, a type of the present contest for the crown of Poland; and that the division between Handel and Senesino, has more in it than we imagine 1733 Engelska
482 Financial Cryptography and Data Security - 17th International Conference, FC 2013, Okinawa, Japan, April 1-5, 2013, Revised Selected Papers Ahmad-Reza. Sadeghi 2013 Engelska
483 Distributed Computing - 28th International Symposium, DISC 2014, Austin, TX, USA, October 12-15, 2014. Proceedings Fabian. Kuhn 2014 Engelska
484 Data you need to know about China - Research Report of China Household Finance Survey•2012 Li. Gan 2014 Engelska
485 Chiliasto-mastix redivivus, sive Homesus enervatus. - A confutation of the millenarian sic opinion, plainly demonstrating that Christ will not reign visibly and personally on earth with the saints for a thousand yeers either before the day of judgement, in the day of judgement, or after it: where you also have many texts of scripture vindicated from the vain glosses of one Dr. Homes, a great Millenarian sic, and all of his cavils (of any consequence) refelled and answered. With a word to our Fifth Monarch-Men, whose dangerous practises of late, clearly shew that this opinion leads to schisme, and sedition in church and state Thomas Hall 1657 Engelska
486 Penal practice and culture, 1500-1900 - Punishing the English 2003 Engelska
487 The unconscionable batchelors of Darby: or, The young lasses pawn'd by their sweet-hearts, - for a large reckning, at Nottingham goose-fair; where poor Susan was forced to pay the shot. To the tune of, To thee, to thee, &c between 1687-1695 Engelska
488 Behind the Executive Door - Unexpected Lessons for Managing Your Boss and Career Karol M. Wasylyshyn 2012 Engelska
489 Practical 3D Printers Brian. Evans 2012 Engelska
490 The loyal and true hearted subjects good will to King and Common-wealth. - For all the merchants that with lead doth trade, and minors, I these verses here have made, for their sweet pleasure mirth, and great delight, I took the pains these verses to indite, but my good will to King and country here to all true subjects plainly shall appear. To the tune of, The Dukes wish, or Ile ask no more Thomas Houghton, Gent between 1680-1682 Engelska
491 The duckers duck'd, and duck'd, and duck'd again, head, and ears, and all over; for plunging, scolding, and defaming - Occasioned by a message brought me by an Anabaptist. Thus if you stop not the press, four men will swear sodomy against you. Humbly offered to the consideration of learned, pious Anabaptists; who confess I have given their cause of plunging a dreadful blow. With friendly address to Mr. Philosensus, whose mistake in thus joyning this Greek and Latin word together, helps me to a thought against plunging. That it not only tends to, but actually doth deprive some men, but especially women, (on their own confession) of their senses when baptized, (as they call it) and therefore is not, cannot be an ordinance of Christ, but a human, or rather diabolical invention. With more arguments against plunging. By Trepidantium Malleus Trepidantium Malleus. 1700 Engelska
492 Sions rock exalted over all the earth to raign. - and the worlds foundation discovered, which he will overthrow, with all its builders and buildings. Moved of the Lord, and given forth (by a sufferer for the righteous seed sake, in the common goal of Edmonds-Bury in Suffolk, who is scornfully called a Quaker) for the manifesting the true foundation of our religion, and the laying open deceit, and deceivers, to all that desire to know the truth, and to be delivered out of deceit, and the snare of the wicked one, in which the deceivers and deceived are held captive. And to all you priests, that you may see your deceit, and cease from it, and deceive the people no longer George Rofe 1656 Engelska
493 Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil - the complete course for beginners Viviane Gontijo 2017 Portugisiska
494 Business Journalism - How to Report on Business and Economics Keith. Hayes 2014 Engelska
495 Pro HTML5 Accessibility - Building an Inclusive Web Joshue O. Connor 2012 Engelska
496 The bleeding lover. - Young men that do promise make, in your performance be not slack. For well you know, 'tis often so. Ingratitude makes all things black. To the tune of, The doubting virgin Thomas. Duffett between 1684-1686 Engelska
497 Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 5 Chris. Anderson 2012 Engelska
498 Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things - Experiments with Real-World Applications Adeel. Javed 2016 Engelska
499 Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence 2017 2018 Engelska
500 Bartholomevv faire, or, Variety of fancies vvhere you may find a faire of vvares, and all to please your mind - with the severall enormityes and misdemeanours which are seene and acted 1641 Engelska

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