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501 A Practical Guide to Biomedical Research - for the Aspiring Scientist Peter. Agger 2017 Engelska
502 The sinners redemption, - wherein is discribed the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together with his life on the earth, and precious death on the cross for mankind sic Tune of, The bleeding heart between 1685-1689 Engelska
503 No love, no life. Or, Damon comforted in distress. - You that are adorn'd with beauty, did not thus your love disdain; count not it to be their duty, for to languish thus in pain. To the tune of, Tender hearts of London city 1684 Engelska
504 The hunting of the foxes from New-Market and Triploe-Heaths to White·Hall, by five small beagles (late of the Armie.) Or The grandie-deceivers unmasked (that you may know them.) - Directed to all the free-commons of England, but in especiall, to all that have, and are still engaged in the military service of the Common-Wealth John Lilburne Anno Domini, 1649 Engelska
505 The great boobee - To a pleasant new tune; or, Salengers round 1656 Engelska
506 Beginning Samsung ARTIK - A Guide for Developers Cliff. Wootton 2016 Engelska
507 An excellent new song; or, a true touch of the times, - giving you a full and true account of the transactions, from King James the First, to the present reign of our Soveraign Lord King James the Second. To the tune of, The loyal health. Or, Why are my eyes still flowing, &c between 1685 and 1688 Engelska
508 Pro Continuous Delivery - With Jenkins 2.0 Nikhil. Pathania 2017 Engelska
509 Practical Maintenance Plans in SQL Server - Automation for the DBA Bradley. Beard 2016 Engelska
510 Physical Test Methods for Elastomers Roger. Brown 2018 Engelska
511 Loves better then gold: or Money's an ass. - Come hear my song, it does you all concern, from it you may your own misfortunes learn: and yet 'tis vain, as hereby I shall prove, for want of money to neglect your love. To a new delightful tune, much in request at court ca. 1676 Engelska
512 Beginning COBOL for Programmers Michael. Coughlan 2014 Engelska
513 The dying Christians friendly advice. - To sinners all, and every Christian friend, this my advice I freely recommend. And with them all while they have time and breath to make provision for to meet with death. To the tune of, Aim not too high. This may be printed, R.L.S 1687? Engelska
514 The sea-mans compass - or A dainty new ditty composed and pend the deeds of brave sea-men to praise and commend, 'twas made by a maid that to Gravesend did pass, now mark, and you quickly shall hear how it was. To the tune of, The tyrant hath stoln L. P. (Laurence Price) 1650? Engelska
515 Spectators, make a ring, that you may see the fatal battle which is like to be fought by two pow'rfull combatants Johannes Lichtenberger 1663 Engelska
516 Neve 1647 - a new almanack and prognostication,with the forraigne computation, serving for the yeare of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ 1647 : being the third after the bissextile or leap-yeare : in which you may behold the state of this year, 1647 : rectified for the elevation of the pole artick and meridian of the ancient and famous city of Norwich ... and will serve generally without sensible error for the Kingdome of Great Britttain sic John Neve 1647 Engelska
517 Poetic Inquiry II – Seeing, Caring, Understanding - Using Poetry as and for Inquiry 2016 Engelska
518 An answer to the maidens frollick: or, The taylors resolution to be reveng'd of these petticoat press-masters, - by bob-tailing their gowns and petticoats for the future, more than ever they have done heretofore. To the tune of, An orange. Licensed according to order between 1688-1692 Engelska
519 What Is Random? - Chance and Order in Mathematics and Life Edward. Beltrami 2020 Engelska
520 A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons - now assembled in Parliament, at their publike fast, November 17. 1640. Upon 2 Chron. 15. 2. The Lord is with you, while yee bee with him: and if yee seeke him, he will be found of you: but if yee forsake him, he will forsake you. By Stephen Marshall, Batchelour in Divinity, minister of Finchingfield in Essex. Published by order of the said House Stephen Marshall 1641 Engelska

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