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521 Python 2 and 3 Compatibility - With Six and Python-Future Libraries Joannah. Nanjekye 2017 Engelska
522 The whole book of Psalms Thomas Sternhold 1649 Engelska
523 Two unfortunate lovers, or, a true relation of the lamentable end of Iohn True, and Susan Mease - their lives thiss ditty doth relate, and how they dy'd unfortunate. To the tune of, The brides buriall ca. 1640 Engelska
524 To all that would know the way to the kingdom, - whether they be in forms, without forms, or got above all forms. A direction to turn your minds within, where the voice of the true God is to be heard, whom you ignorantly worship as afar off. and to wait upon him for the true wisdom. That you may know truth from error, the word from the letter, the power from the form, and the true prophets from the false. Given forth by Geo. Fox George Fox 1654 Engelska
525 A pattern of true love to you I will recite, between a beautiful lady and a courtious knight. - To the tune of, Dainty come thou to me, &c. Licensed and entred according to order 1670? Engelska
526 Christs exaltation purchast by humiliation - Wherein you may see mercy and misery meete together. Very vsefull I. For instructing the ignorant. II. For comforting the weake. III. For confirming the strong. By R. Sibbs D.D. and preacher of Grayes-Inne, London. Published by T.G. and P.N Richard Sibbes 1639 Engelska
527 Priscianus nascens, or, A key to the grammar school - serving much to the exposition of the grammatical rules of Lilly, and the more easie and certain translating of English into Latine, to the no small ease of the master in teaching and the scholar in learning Anthony. Huish 1660 Engelska
528 Robot Building for Beginners David. Cook 2015 Engelska
529 Great Brittains arlarm sic to drowsie sinners in destress. - Being a rule for all sorts of people to follow in these distracted and dangerous times: shewing the judgements which hang over our heads for sin, and the way by repentance, to avoid the same. Very good and necessary for all sorts of people to peruse. All you that do this larm hear, strive to live well, and God to fear. The tune is, Aim not too high not before 1670 Engelska
530 The good-fellow's resolution: or, The bad husbands return from his folly, - being a caveat for all spend-thrifts to beware of the main chance. Here in this ballad you may see, the vain-ness of bad husbandry: good advice here is to be found, the which may save you many a pound. To the tune of, The plow-mans honour made known Thomas. Lanfiere between 1678-1681 Engelska
531 The secret lover. Or: The jealous father beguil'd. - Loves passion is not easily kept under, nor faithful lovers to be kept asunder; because you know the proverb it is so, that love will creep, when as it cannot go. To a west-countrey sic tune; or, Alack for my love I must dye between 1670-1696 Engelska
532 The forsaken maids frollick or, A farewell to fond love, - in which she doth plainly and properly prove, that a flattering tongue is the ruine of love, and therefore all you that are well in your wits, beware of trappans, maids loot to your hits. The tune is, The knights and begger-wench between 1666-1677 Engelska
533 Beginning Spring Boot 2 - Applications and Microservices with the Spring Framework K. Siva. Prasad Reddy 2017 Engelska
534 Six sigma and beyond Vol. 2, Problem solving and basic mathematics D. H. Stamatis 2002 Engelska
535 Kiss me if you dare or A royal faverit turn'd out William Pittis printed in the year, MDCCX. 1710 Engelska
536 Supplier relationship management Christian. Schuh 2014 Engelska
537 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Couples with Mixed HIV Status: Beyond Positive/Negative 2017 Engelska
538 The Agile Enterprise - Building and Running Agile Organizations Mario E. Moreira 2017 Engelska
539 Beginning Design for 3D Printing Joe. Micallef 2015 Engelska
540 You Must Be Very Intelligent - The PhD Delusion Karin. Bodewits 2017 Engelska

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