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Titel Författare År Språk
541 An introduction to the study of the New Testament, critical, exegetical, and theological Vol. 2 Samuel Davidson 1868 Engelska
542 Empire and exile electronic resource : postcolonial readings of the book of Jeremiah / Steed Vernyl Davidson Steed V. Davidson uuuu-uuuu Okänt
543 Enchanted mirror Zanna Davidson 2014 Engelska
544 Unicorn Prince Zanna Davidson 2014 Engelska
545 Rapunzel Susanna Davidson 2005 Engelska
546 Queer commodities - Contemporary US fiction, consumer capitalism, and gay and lesbian subcultures Guy. Davidson 2012 Engelska
547-551 The biochemistry of the nucleic acids (flera utgåvor) J. N. (James Norman) Davidson 1972 Engelska
552 Samoa mo Samoa - the emergence of the independent state of Western Samoa J. W. (James Wightman) Davidson 1967 Engelska
553 An Interactive History of the Clean Air Act - Scientific and Policy Perspectives Jonathan M. Davidson 2011 Engelska
554 Beazley addenda - additional references to ABV, ARV 2 & Paralipomena Lucilla Burn 1982 Engelska
555 Mortgage valuation models - embedded options, risk, and uncertainty Andrew S. Davidson 2014 Engelska
556 After the sheikhs : the coming collapse of the gulf monarchies / Christopher Davidson Christopher M. (Christopher Michael) Davidson uuuu-uuuu Okänt
557 The death and life of Germany - an account of the American occupation Eugene Davidson 1959 Engelska
558 Ane answer to the tractiue, set furth in the yeir of God. 1558. be maister Quintine Kennedy - Commendatar, Abbote of Crosraguell, for the establisching of ane Christiane mannis conscience (as he alledgis) the forth and strenth of his Papistrie, and all vthers of his sect, as appearis weil be his epistle direct to the Protestantes, and prentit in the last part of this buik: maid be maister Iohne Dauidsone, Maister of the Paedagog of Glasgw John Davidson 1563 Engelska
559 Ane breif commendatioun of vprichtnes - in respect of the surenes of the same, to all that walk in it, amplify it cheifly be that notabill document of Goddis michtie protectioun, in preseruing his maist vpricht seruand, and feruent messinger of Christis Euangell, Iohne Knox. Set furth in Inglis meter be M. Iohne Dauidsone, regent in S. Leonards College. Quhairunto is addit in the end ane schort discurs of the estaitis quha hes cause to deploir the deith of this excellent seruand of God John Davidson Anno. 1573 Skotska
560 D. Bancrofts rashnes in rayling against the Church of Scotland - noted in an answere to a letter of a worthy person of England, and some reasons rendred, why the answere thereunto hath not hitherto come foorth. By I.D. a brother of the sayd Church of Scotland John Davidson Anno. 1590 Engelska

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