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542 A true character of sundry trades and callings: or, A new ditty of innocent mirth. - This song is new, perfect and true, there's none can this deny; for I am known, friend, to be one that scorn to tell a lie. To the tune of, Old Simon the King. Licensed according to order 1670? Engelska
543 The true lovers admonition. - Of all the colours in the world, the black hair is the best, though fair & brown may be well curl'd yet black exceeds the rest: that is the colour I do prize, and love beyond all measure, she that hath black hair and black eyes, esteem her as a treasure. The tune is, So sweet is the lass that loves me between 1670-1696 Engelska
544 Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Henry Irving and Ellen Terry by their contemporaries Vol. 2 - Henry Irving 2012 Engelska
545 The good fellovvs consideration. Or The bad husbands amendment. - Here in this ballad you may see, what 'tis a bad husband to be, for drunkenness most commonly brings many unto poverty. And when a man is mean and bare, friends will be scarce both far and near, then in your youth keep money in store, lest in old age you do grow poor. To the tune of, Hey boys up go we, &c Thomas. Lanfiere 1685? Engelska
546 Phaetons folly, or, The downfal of pride. - being a translation of the second book of Ovids Metamorphosis, paraphrastically and grammatically: together with flowers, phrases, rhetorick, etymologies; and where is lively set forth the danger of pride and rashness, with the safety of moderation, &c. It may be added as a supplement to Mr. Brinstyes translation of the first book of Ovids Metamorphosis, as being a very speedy and approved way to attain perfection in the Latine tongue, &c. In the close is added an essay on the first elegy of Ovids de Tristibus. Here you have whatever is of worth (in reference to this fable) in Regius, Lactantius, Placitus, Rhodiginus, Egnatius, Glarean, Longolius, Fanensis, Golding, Sandys, Sabin, Bersman, Farnaby, Natalis Comes, &c. In the preface you have a directory consisting of divers rules, for the direction of children in the art of poetry Publius Ovidius Naso 1655 Engelska
547 An elegy on the much lamented death of the Right Honourable the Lord Feversham, - who departed this life at Somerset-House on Fryday the 8th of April, in the 69th. year of his age 1709 Engelska
548 Digital hemlock - internet education and the poisoning of teaching Tara Brabazon 2002 Engelska
549 Swift for Absolute Beginners Gary. Bennett 2015 Engelska
550 Fatal love or, the young maiden's tragedy. - being a sad and dismal relation, of one Mary Low, late cook maid to esq; Fansaw in St. James's Park, who drowned her self in Rosamonds pond, on Wednesday night last, for the love of a young man who was her fellow servant. To the tune of, Johnson's Farwel. Licenced according to order 1704 Engelska
551 The ansvver to the London lasses folly: or, The new-found father discoverd at the camp. - You maidens that are kind and free, I plainly must confess; be careful of virginity, 'twill be your happiness. Tune is, The journey-man shooe-maker. This may be printed, R.L.S 1685 Engelska
552 A companion to Shakespeare's works Volume 3, Comedies 2003 Engelska
553 The sermon and prophesie of James Hunt - concerning the marriage of the Lambe and of the confounding of the whore of Babylon and to shew by what means she shall be bought to confusion : whereof I James Hunt humbly beseech the honourable House of Parliament for the mercies of God that you will read this book with observation for to see and prove whether it be agreeable to the honour and glory of God and the confounding of the devill James Hunt 1642 Engelska
554 The good fellows frolick, or, Kent street clubb. - Good people all come mind my merry tale, and you shall hear the vertue of good ale, whose charming power some mens humors (hitts, it robs them of their money & their witts: for he in time will surely money lack that minds his belly better than his back. Tune of, Hey boys up go we, Seamans mournful bride, or The fair one let me in Thomas. Lanfiere 1682 Engelska
555 Pro PowerShell for Microsoft Azure Sherif. Talaat 2015 Engelska
556 Little Black Business Writing Book Mark. Tredinnick 2010 Engelska
557 True love rewarded with cruelty. - Being a true account of one Mary Story, a maid, who once lived at Limehouse, in the county of Middlesex that was in love with one who had promised her marriage, so that the wedding-day was appointed, but he changd his mind, and forsook her, whereupon she took greif sic and dyed about the latter end of July, 1683. Tune of, Tender hearts of London city between 1670-1696 Engelska
558 Learn Java for Android Development Jeff. Friesen 2014 Engelska
559 Come, come all you that are with Rome offended, come now and heare from whence the Pope descended, The lineage of locusts or the Popes pedegre - beginning with his prime ancestor the Divell, plainely set forth to be noted of all good Christians and true Catholicks, for the avoiding of those subtill snares continually layd for them by his insinuating agents 1641 Engelska
560 How to Market to People Not Like You - "Know It or Blow It" Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers Kelly. McDonald 2011 Engelska

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