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541 Doctor Watts's imitation of the Psalms of David, corrected and enlarged. - By Joel Barlow. To which is added, a collection of hymns; the whole applied to the state of the Christian Church in general MDCCLXXXVI. 1786 Engelska
542 The history of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ epitomiz'd: in a catechetical way - For the use of the children in the South Parish in Andover: to whom it is dedicated. By Samuel Phillips, M.A. and V.D.M. Three lines from Mathew Samuel Phillips 1738 Engelska
543 The orthodox Christian: or, A child well instructed in the principles of the Christian religion - exhibited in a discourse by way of catechizing. Designed for the use and benefit of the children, in the South Parish in Andover: to whom it is dedicated, by Samuel Phillips, M.A. and V.D.M. Published at the desire of many of his own people, and of some others. Five lines of Scripture texts Samuel Phillips 1738 Engelska
544 The orphan's best legacy: or, God's parental care of bereaved children - a discourse occasion'd by the death of the Honourable Samuel Sewall Esq; who departed this life, Jan. 1. 1729,30. Aetatis 78. By his son, Joseph Sewall, Pastor of the South Church in Boston. Nine lines of Scripture texts Joseph Sewall 1730 Engelska
545 Concio hyemalis - A winter sermon. Being a religious improvement of the irresistable power of God's cold. Preach'd January 23. 1736,7 by William Cooper, M.A. Pastor to a church in Boston. Publish'd (from the notes of the sermon) for the use of families William Cooper 1737 Engelska
546-551 A new version of the Psalms of David. - Fitted to the tunes used in churches. By N. Brady, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary, and N. Tate, Esq; Poet-Laureat to His Majesty (flera utgåvor) MDCCLXXI. 1771 Engelska
552-553 The psalms hymns & spiritual songs of the Old and New Testament - faithfully translated into English metre. Being the New-England Psalm book revised and improved; by an endeavour after a yet nearer approach to the inspired original, as well as to the rules of poetry. With an addition of fifty other hymns on the most important subjects of Christianity; with their titles, placed in order, from-- The fall of angels and men, to-- Heaven after the general judgment. Five lines of Scripture references and texts (flera utgåvor) 1773 Engelska
554 A book for boys and girls John Bunyan 1978 Engelska
555 A monitor for an apprentice, or, A sure guide to gain both esteem and estate - with rules for his conduct to his master and to others John Barnard, Sir 1808 Engelska
556 The grounds and rules of musick explained: or, An introduction to the art of singing by note - Fitted to the meanest capacities. By Thomas Walter, M.A. Recommended by several ministers. One line from Psalms Thomas Walter 1760 Engelska
557 Advice to a child. Or, Young people solemnly warn'd both against enticing, and consenting when enticed to sin - In a plain discourse from Prov. I. 10. By Samuel Phillips, M.A. Pastor to the South Church in Andover. Publish'd at the desire of many who heard it; especially th young men, who meet here, in several societies, for religious exercises, on the Sabbath-evenings. Five lines of Scripture texts Samuel Phillips 1729 Engelska
558 The history of the Holy Jesus. - Containing a brief and plain account of his birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven; and his coming again at the great and last Day of Judgment. Being a pleasant and profitable companion for children; composed on purpose for their use. Together with a number of songs. By a lover of their precious souls Lover of their precious souls. MDCCXCIV. 1794 Engelska
559 The Baptist catechism, - or, A brief instruction in the principles of the Christian religion, agreeably to the confession of faith put forth by upwards of an hundred congregations in Great-Britain July the 3d, 1689; adopted by the General Association of Philadelphia, September the 22d, 1742; and now received by churches of the same denomination in most of the United States. To which are added, the proofs from Scriptures William Collins M.DCC.LXXXVI. 1786 Engelska
560 The School of good manners. - Composed for the help of parents in teaching their children how to carry it in their places during their minority 1772 Engelska

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