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561-564 A new version of the Psalms of David. - fitted to the tunes used in churches. By N. Brady, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary, and N. Tate, Esq; Poet-Laureat to His Majesty (flera utgåvor) MDCCLXXXVIII. 1788 Engelska
565 Evangelical hymns and songs - in two parts: the first, composed on various views of the Christian life and warfare; the second, in praise of the Redeemer: published for the comfort & entertainment of true Christians. By Benjamin Wallin. To which is added, a collection of hymns from Dr. Watts's forty-four sermons: and, Mr. Stennet's sacramental hymns Benjamin Wallin 1762 Engelska
566 Lining Out the Word: Dr. Watts Hymn Singing in the Music of Black Americans William T. Dargan 2006 Engelska
567 Isaac Watts, hymnographer - a study of the beginnings, development, and philosophy of the English hymn Harry Escott 1962 Engelska
568 Two discourses - the first, Of preaching Christ; the second, Of particular and experimental preaching. By the late Reverend Mr. John Jennings. With a preface by the Reverend Dr. Isaac Watts. To which is added, a letter concerning the most useful way of preaching; written in the German language by the late Reverend and celebrated Dr Augustus Hermannus Franck, professor of divinity in the University of Hall in Saxony, Pastor of a church, and director of the charitable foundations there. Translated into Latin by order of his son, the present professor Franck, and out of the Latin into English by David Jennings John Jennings MDCCXL. 1740 Engelska
569 Shipbuilding, theoretical and practical - illustrated by a series of engravings, from drawings furnished by some of the most eminent British shipbuilders William John Macquorn Rankine 1866 Engelska
570 Commercium Epistolicum De Varia Re Mathematica, Inter Celeberrimos præsentis seculi Mathematicos - Viz. Isaacum Newtonum Equitem Auratum. Dnum Isaacum Barrow. Dnum Jacobum Gregorium. Dnum Johannem Wallisium. Dnum J. Keillium. Dnum J. Collinium. Dnum Gulielmum Leibnitium. Dnum Henricum Oldenbourgum. Dnum Franciscum Slusium. Et Alios. Jussu Societatis Regiæ in lucem editum Et Jam Una cum Recensione præmissa insignis Controversiæ inter Leibnitium & Keillium de primo Inventore Methodi Fluxionum; & Judicio primarii, ut ferebatur, Mathematici subjuncto, iterum impressum 1725 Latin
571 Love in a village: a comic opera - As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden Isaac Bickerstaff 1763 Engelska
572 The Psalms of David, imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state and worship - By Isaac Watts 1829 Engelska
573-574 Love in a village - A comic opera. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden (flera utgåvor) Isaac Bickerstaff M,DCC,LXIV. 1764 Engelska
575 A sermon occasioned by the general distress of the parish of Mary-le-Bone - on the improvident accomodation of the poor inhabitants, for the purpose of public worship, preached in Bentinck Chapel, on Sunday, the 21st of October, 1781, by Isaac Hunt Isaac Hunt 1781 Engelska
576 The maid of the mill. - A comic opera. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. The music complied, and the words written, by the author of Love in a village Isaac Bickerstaff MDCCLXV. 1765 Engelska
577 The waning of the Renaissance, 1640-1740 - studies in the thought and poetry of Henry Moore, John Norris and Isaac Watts John Hoyles 1971 Engelska
578 Studies in the Hymnody of Isaac Watts David. W. Music 2022 Engelska
579-580 The life of the Rev. Isaac Watts - D.D. By Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. With notes. Containing animadversions and additions (flera utgåvor) Samuel Johnson 1791 Engelska

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