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41 All 4 love Jeremy Taylor cop. 2003 Engelska
42 Luke Jeremy Taylor cop. 2010 Engelska
43 The rule and exercises of holy dying. In which are described the means and instruments of preparing our selves and others respectively for a blessed death ... Together with prayers and acts of vertue to be used by sick and dying persons, or by others standing in their attendance. To which are added, rules for the visitation of the sick, and offices proper for that ministery. The third edition Jeremy Taylor 1655 Engelska
44 Jeremiæ Taylors ... Auszerlesene Predigten, auff alle Sonntag im Jahr gerichtet : darinnen an statt der gewöhnlichen Evangelien auszerlesene Sprüche Heiliger Schrifft recht gründlich erklähret und auszgeführet werden, nebenst einem Anhang von eilff Predigten ... Zum fünfften mahl in englischer Sprache gedruckt, nunmehro aber ... ins Hoch-Teutsche übersetzet, und zum ersten mahl herausz gegeben, auch mit nöthigen Registern versehen Jeremy Taylor 1696 Tyska
45 An atlas of Roman rural Settlement in England Jeremy Taylor 2007 Engelska
46 The golden grove, or, A manuall of daily prayers and letanies, fitted to the dayes of the week. - Containing a short summary of what is to be believed, practised, desired. Also festival hymns, according to the manner of the ancient church Jeremy Taylor 1654 Engelska
47 The real presence and spirituall of Christ in the blessed sacrament proved against the doctrine of transubstantiation. By Jer. Taylor, D.D Jeremy Taylor 1653 Engelska
48 A discourse concerning prayer ex tempore, or, by pretence of the spirit. - In justification of authorized and set-formes of lyturgie Jeremy Taylor Printed in the yeere, M DC XLVI. 1646 Engelska
49 Theologia eklektikē. - A discourse of the liberty of prophesying. Shewing the unreasonablenes of prescribing to other mens faith, and the iniquity of persecuting differing opinions Jeremy Taylor 1647 Engelska
50 A discourse of auxiliary beauty. Or artificiall hansomenesse. - In point of conscience between two ladies John Gauden 1656 Engelska
51 A second part of The mixture of scholasticall divinity, with practical, - in several tractates: wherein some of the most difficult knots in divinity are untyed, many dark places of Scripture cleared, sundry heresies and errors refuted ... Whereunto are annexed, several letters of the same author, and Dr. Jeremy Taylor, concerning Original Sin. Together with a reply unto Dr. Hammonds vindication of his grounds of uniformity from 1 Cor. 14.40 Henry Jeanes 1660 Engelska
52 A collection of offices or forms of prayer in cases ordinary and extraordinary. - Taken out of the Scriptures and the ancient liturgies of several churches, especially the Greek. Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, according to the Kings translations; with arguments to the same Jeremy Taylor 1657 Engelska
53 The rule and exercises of holy living. - In which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every vertue, and the remedies against every vice, and considerations serving to the resisting all temptations. Together with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian, and the parts of devotion fitted to all occasions, and furnish'd for all necessities Jeremy Taylor MDCL. 1650 Engelska
54 Two discourses - 1. of baptisme, its institution, and efficacy upon all believers. 2. Of prayer ex tempore, or by pretence of the spirit Jeremy Taylor 1652 Engelska
55 Vnum necessarium. Or, The doctrine and practice of repentance. - Describing the necessities and measures of a strict, a holy, and a Christian life. And rescued from popular errors Jeremy Taylor 1655 Engelska
56 The worthy communicant or A discourse of the nature, effects, and blessings consequent to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper - and of all the duties required in order to a worthy preparation: together with the cases of conscience occurring in the duty of him that ministers and of him that communicates. To which are added devotions fitted to every part of the ministration Jeremy Taylor 1660 Engelska
57 A discourse of baptisme, - its institution and efficacy upon all believers. Together with a consideration of the practise of the Church in baptizing infants of beleeving parents: and the practise justified by Jer: Taylor D.D Jeremy Taylor MDCLII. 1652 Engelska
58 A discourse of praying with the spirit, and with the understanding. - Where of extemporary premeditate set forms of prayer. Preached in two sermons at Hillsborough anno 1659. By Henry Leslie (maugre all antichristian opposition) Bishop of Down and Conner. And now published for the redresse of the great abuse of prayer in that diocesse, whereof he had, and ought to have a charge. Whereunto is annexed a letter of Jer. Taylor, D.D. concerning the same subject Henry Leslie 1660 Engelska
59 A short catechism for the institution of young persons in the Christian religion - to which is added, an explication of the Apostolical Creed, easie and useful for these times. Composed for the use of the schools in South-Wales Jeremy Taylor 1652 Engelska
60 An answer to a letter written by the R.R. the Ld Bp of Rochester. - Concerning the chapter of original sin, in the Vnum necessarium Jeremy Taylor 1656 Engelska

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