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581 The triumph at an end, or, The tyranness defeated. - Behold how rashly lovers hurry on upon the point of sure destruction, females are tyrants, for when they see they are admir'd & lov'd, theyl cruel be. When most you shun them, then they most do love, then let all mankind in a mean still move: or if your flame burn bright let then not know it, your hopes are vain'd if you once show it. To a pleasant new tune of, How bright are those &c. Or. Young Jamey between 1681-1684 Engelska
582 Building Apps for the Universal Windows Platform - Explore Windows 10 Native, IoT, HoloLens, and Xamarin Ayan. Chatterjee 2017 Engelska
583 Dade 1642 - a new almanacke and prognostication, with the forraigne computation : in which you may behold the state of this yeere 1642 : for the meridian of London, and may serve for the most part of Great Britaine : being the first after the leap yeere William. Dade 1642? Engelska
584 Beginning Power BI - A Practical Guide to Self-Service Data Analytics with Excel 2016 and Power BI Desktop Dan. Clark 2017 Engelska
585 Divestitures and Spin-Offs - Lessons Learned in the Trenches of the World’s Largest M&A Deals Joseph. Joy 2018 Engelska
586 The cloath-worker caught in a trap: or, A fool and his mony soon parted. - Being a true relation of a cloath worker, dweelling sic in Thames-street who was wished by an old woman to a maid near Pauls church-yard, perswading him she had money at use, being a meer plot of the maiden and she to cheat him of his money, knowing him to be none of the wisest, cheated him of forty pound. If you will know them give good ear, the merriest jest that e'er you did hear. The tune is, How now jocky whither away. Or the tyrant 1670 Engelska
587 Dade, 1643 - a new almanack and prognostication, with the forraine computation : in which you may behold the state of this yeare 1643 : for the meridian of London, and may serve for the most part of Great Britaine : being the third after the leape yeare William. Dade 1643? Engelska
588 ISCS 2014: Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems Ali. Sanayei 2015 Engelska
589 To all parents of children upon the face of the whole earth - that you may better train up in the right way they should goe therein Humphrey Smith 1660 Engelska
590 The true lovers happiness or, Nothing venture, nothing have. - Shewing how an apprentice made bold to court his masters daughter, got her good will, and married her unknown to her parents yet afterwards her father seeing they loved eachother sic so intirely, he gave them a considerable portion of money to set up with, and now they live in a happy condition; this may serve for a pattern for others. Their complements to you I will rehearse according as they are printed down in verse. Tune of, Amintas on the new-made hay, or Loyal Lovers 1692 Engelska
591 The dumb lady; or, No, no, not I; I'le answer. - To the tune of, the doubtful virgin, or the new Borey, or Will you be a man of fashion between 1682-1690 Engelska
592 The royal law of God revived - wherein you may see that all nations of men may keep in it a royal society George Fox 1672 Engelska
593 Colloquial Tibetan - the complete course for beginners Jonathan Samuels 2015 Engelska
594 The vvest-country damosels complaint: or, The faithful lovers last farewel. - Being the relation of a young maid who pined her self to death, for the love of a young-man, who after he had notice of it, dyed likewise for grief. Careless young-men, by this a warning take, how you kind virgins (when they love) forsake; least the same fate o're-take you, and you dye for breach of vows, and infidelity. Be kind, but swear not more then what you mean, least comick jests become a trajeck scean. To the tune of, Johnny Armstrong ca. 1680 Engelska
595 Scenario Thinking - Preparing Your Organization for the Future in an Unpredictable World George. Cairns 2018 Engelska
596 Pharmacopœia Londinensis: or the London dispensatory - furhter adorned by the studies and collections of the fellows, now living of the said colledg. In this sixt edition you may find, 1 Three hundred useful additions. 2 All the notes that were in the margent are brought into the book between two such crotchets as these 3 The vertues, qualities, and properties of every simple. 4 The vertues and use of the compounds. 5 Cautions in giving al medicines that are dangerous. 6 All the medicines that were in the Old Latin dispensatory, and are left out in the New Latin one, are printed in this sixt impression in English with their vertues. 7 A key to Galen's Method of physick, containing thirthy three chapters. 8 In every page two columns. 9 In this impression, the Latin name of every one of the compounds is printed, and in what page of the new folio Latin book they are to be found. By Nich. Culpeper gent. Student in physick and astrology; living in Spittle-fields, neer London Nicholas Culpeper 1654 Engelska
597 The suspence upon sixty six: or The astrologers prerogative. - Reader, begin don't stop nor halt it, when you'av' read a line, press forward to the end; ...Deserving nought, but if you'l add to it, twill please him well to hear some can remit E. G. Printed in the year, 1666 Engelska
598 Toward an ecology of transfiguration - orthodox Christian perspectives on environment, nature, and creation 2013 Engelska
599 Education for Sustainability in Tourism - A Handbook of Processes, Resources, and Strategies 2015 Engelska
600 The trappand virgin or Good advice to maidens, - that they may not be drawn into priminaryes by the specious pretences of their seeming amorist's, who having once obtained their wills, leave & forsake their betray'd mistresses. Take my advice while you are free, and young-men do not trust, they promise fare as fare can be, but mean what is unjust. Tune, Wheu sic busie fame between 1678-1681 Engelska

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