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601-602 Two discourses - the first Of preaching Christ; the second Of particular and experimental preaching. By John Jennings. With a preface by the Reverend Mr. Isaac Watts (flera utgåvor) John Jennings 1793 Engelska
603-604 Walter and William, an historical ballad; translated from the original poem, of Richard Cœur de Lion (flera utgåvor) 1798 Engelska
605 Jonah - a poetical paraphrase. Inscrib'd to the Reverend Mr. Isaac Watts. The second edition, corrected and adorn'd with sculptures. To which are also added, Poetical paraphrases (Joseph) Mitchell, Mr 1724 Engelska
606 Walter and William - An historical ballad. Translated from the original poem, of Richard Cœur de Lion 1796 Engelska
607 Self-love and vertue reconciled only by religion - or an essay to prove that the only effectual obligation of mankind to practise vertue, depends on the existence and will of God. Together with an occasional proof of the necessity of revelation 1739 Engelska
608 A brief essay on the chronology of some passages contained in the Holy Scriptures - viz. I. Of the seventy weeks in the prophecy of Daniel. ... VI. of the time of John Baptist's imprisonment 1733 Engelska
609 Devout exercises of the heart - in meditation and soliloquy prayer and praise. By the late pious and ingenious Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. Reviewed and published at her request by Isaac Watts, D.D Elizabeth Singer Rowe 1795 Engelska
610 Commercium epistolicum D. Johannis Collins, et aliorum, de analysi promota, jussu Societatis regiae in lucem editum - et jam unà cum ejusdem recensione praemissa, & judicio primarii, ut ferebatur, mathematici subjuncto, iterum impressum John Collins 1722 Latin
611 The following books written by the late Reverend Dr Isaac Watts, are printed for J. Buckland, and T. Longman in Paternoster-Row; E. and C. Dilly, in the Poultry; and T. Field, in Leadenhall-Street, London 1782? Engelska
612 Achates to Varus - An epistle: describing some late wonderfull appearances that ensued from a touch of Ithuriel's spear. Together with a large preface, in the style and manner of some distinguish'd authors 1746 Engelska
613 Reflections on the fall of a great man - A sermon preached to a congregation of Protestant dissenters at Daventry in Northamptonshire, on occasion of the death of the late Reverend Isaac Watts, D.D. With a sketch of his character, ... By Caleb Ashworth Caleb Ashworth 1749 Engelska
614 Roach's beauties of the poets. Coopers Hill by Mr. Denham. Hymns by Isaac Watts. Know thyself by Dr. Arbuthnot. The trials of virtue by Mr. Merrick. An essay on poetry by the Duke of Buckingham. The banks of the Yarrow by John Rannie 1794 Engelska
615 A practical discourse of reconciliation between God and man, ... To which are subjoined, some solemn and awful discourses concerning the glorious appearance of Christ to judge the world. By the late learned and pious Mr. John Reynolds. With a recommendatory preface, by the Reverend Mr. Isaac Watts John Reynolds 1729 Engelska
616 English poetry, 1700 - 1780 - contemporaries of Swift and Johnson cop. 1974 Engelska
617 Remarks on such additions to the second edition of The ruin and recovery of mankind as relate to the arguments advanced in the Supplement to the scripture-doctrine of original sin. By John Taylor John Taylor 1742 Engelska
618 Solo instrumental and chamber music - its story told through the lives and works of its foremost composers David Ewen 1974 Engelska
619 The magistrate and the Christian - or the virtues of public and private life: exemplified in the character of Sir Thomas Abney, Knt. and alderman of London, ... introduced in a funeral sermon ... By Jeremiah Smith: and attended with an elegiac poem by the reverend Mr. Isaac Watts Jeremiah Smith 1722 Engelska
620 Questions proper for students in divinity - candidates of the ministry, and young Christians. To be proposed to them by themselves, or by others 1741 Engelska

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