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61 Handbook of play therapy 2016 Engelska
62 Controllership in modern management 1949 Engelska
63 The last nevves from Yorke and Hull. Or A true relation of all the passages and other occurrences that hath happened in and about the city of Yorke, and the towne of Hull from the twenty sixth of Iune, to the third of Iuly. - Being the copy of a letter sent from a merchant of York, to a private friend in London, the fourth of Iuly. 1642. As also the execution of a Jesuite at Yorke, by the Kings command. And the copie of a letter sent to Master William Crofts at the Hague, intercepted by a ship in service under His Majestie. Hen. Elsyng. Cler. Parl T. H., (Merchant of York) 1642 Engelska
64 Handbook of writing, literacies, and education in digital cultures 2018 Engelska
65 Three lives - and, Q.E.D. : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism Gertrude Stein ©2006 Engelska
66 The English farm wagon - origins and structure John Geraint Jenkins 1961 Engelska
67 Exceeding joyfull nevves from Hull, sent in a letter from Sir Iohn Hotham, and read in the House of Commons, July 15. 1642. - Wherin he declares the manner of his taking the Lord Faulconbridge and his son, with 4. pieces of ordinance, and 20. cavaleers, who were building a scence or halfe moon near the town of Hull, and how he sent out Sir Iohn Meldrom with 500. men to hinder their proceedings. Also the Queens Majesties desires to the high Court of Parliament. As it was sent in a message from Her Royall Majesty to the House of Peers, and read in the audience of both Houses. With the declaration and propositions of the House of Commons to the Lords. Concerning her Royall Majesty, presented to the House of Peers with their additional reasons, by M. Iohn Pym esquire, Iuly 14. Ordered, that this be printed and published John Brown Cler. Parliamentorum 1642 Engelska
68 Der Ackermann aus Böhmen Johannes von Saaz cop. 1982 Medelhögtyska (ca 1050-1500)
69 Handbook of research on teaching 2016 Engelska
70 Stumbling toward truth - anthropologists at work ©2000 Engelska
71 Ganong's Medical Physiology Examination & Board Review electronic resource / Kim E Barrett, Susan M Barman, Scott Boitano, Jane F Reckelhoff uuuu-uuuu Okänt
72 Terrible and true nevves from Beverley and the city of Yorke. - VVherein is a true relation of the beseiging of the town of Hull, by the Kings Majesty, with six thousand horse and foot, on Thursday, Iuly 7. 1642. Also of Sir John Hothams drowning the country within foure miles of Hull, and what hath happened since, and His Maiesties resolution concerning it. With the Lord Digbies entertainment at the court, and divers remarkeable passages Yorke, from the third of Iuly to the ninth of the same, sent in a letter from Yorke to a freind in London. Iuly the twelfth. 1642 P. H. 1642 Engelska
73 Critical policy discourse analysis 2019 Engelska
74 Geology of shelf seas - proceedings of the 14. Inter-university geological congress. Hull 1967 Inter-university geological congress 1967) Hull : 1968 Engelska
75 Tintinalli's emergency medicine electronic resource : a comprehensive study guide / edited by Judith E Tintinalli, J Stephan Stapczynski, O John Ma, David Cline, Garth D Meckler, Donald M Yealy uuuu-uuuu Okänt
76 Women writers and the hero of romance Judith Wilt 2014 Engelska
77 Reflections on death - a sermon, delivered at the Old-Chapel, Dagger-Lane, Hull, on September, 14th, 1794, by Mr. Robert Green, E.M. Occasioned by the death of his beloved son G.M. Green, ... Together with a hymn suited to the solemn subject, ... with some pious reflections Robert Green 1794 Engelska
78 Advance in Barley Sciences - Proceedings of 11th International Barley Genetics Symposium 2013 Engelska
79 Conjuring - Black women, fiction, and literary tradition 1985 Engelska
80 Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction 2006 Engelska

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