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Titel Författare År Språk
81 Boanerges and Barnabas - judgment and mercy, or, wine and oil for wounded and afflicted souls : in two parts Francis Quarles 1671 Engelska
82-83 Enchiridion - containing institutions divine brace contemplative, practical : moral brace ethical, oeconomical, political (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles 1667 Engelska
84-85 Divine fancies - digested into epigrams, meditations & observations (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles 1687 Engelska
86-87 The school of the heart, or, The heart of it self gone away from God, brought back again to him, and instructed by him - in XLVII emblems (flera utgåvor) Christopher Harvey 1676 Engelska
88 Boanarges and Barnabas, or, Judgment and mercy for afflicted soules - containing of brace meditations, soliloquies, and prayers Francis Quarles 1646 Engelska
89-90 Barnabas and Boanerges, or, Wine and oyle for afflicted soules - powred forth and applied in consolatory brace promises, prayers, and soliloquies (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles 1646 Engelska
91 Institutions, essays, and maxims, political, moral, and divine - divided into four centuries Francis Quarles 1698 Engelska
92 The vvhipper vvhipt - being a reply upon a scandalous pamphlet, called The whip, abusing that excellent work of Cornelius Burges, Dr in divinity, one of the Assembly of Divines, entituled, The fire of the sanctuary newly discovered Francis Quarles M.DC.XLIV. 1644 Engelska
93 The life and death of Dr Martin Luther - the passages whereof haue bin taken out of his owne and other godly and most learned, mens writings, who liued in his time Melchior Adam 1645 Engelska
94-96 Argalus and Parthenia. Written by Fra. Quarles (flera utgåvor) Francis Quarles M D CLXXI. 1671 Engelska
97 The shepheards oracles - delivered in certain eglogues. By Fra: Quarles Francis Quarles 1646 Engelska
98 Solomons recantation, entituled Ecclesiastes, paraphrased - With a soliloquie or meditation upon every chapter. Together with Enchiridion: containing diverse constitutions, very seasonable and usefull for these times. Written by Francis Quarles. With a short relation of his life and death Francis Quarles 1649 Engelska
99 The loyall convert - With the nevv distemper. By F.Q Francis Quarles 1645 Engelska
100 Emblemes by Fra: Quarles Francis Quarles 1663 Engelska

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