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81 Quantitative approaches to multidimensional poverty measurement 2008 Engelska
82 Human molecular genetics 1996 Okänt
83 The duty of maintaining publick work-houses for employing the poor. - A sermon preach'd in the parish-church of the Holy Trinity in Kingston upon hull. on Sunday, called Quinquagesima, February 20, 1725/6. By William Mason, M.A. vicar of the said church William Mason 1726 Engelska
84 The beatifick vision productive of likeness to Christ - A discourse upon occasion of the death and funeral of Mr. Moses Abbot, who departed this life, May 1st 1734. In the twenty third year of his age; giving some account of his pious life and joyful death. By William Cooper, M.A. a Pastor to a church in Boston, N.E. One line from Hebrews William Cooper 1734 Engelska
85 More hearts and hands appearing for the work. - Being two letters, the one sent from Collonel Robert Overton, Governour of Hull, to his Excellency the Lord Generall Cromwel. The other from him, and the officers of the said garrison, to the Councel of Officers, sitting at White-Hall. Wherein their reall and large affection is declared toward the Armies happy proceeding; shewing withall, the justnesse of it, and their readinesse to serve them, and the Common-wealth, in prosecuting so good a work, to their utmost power. With, a modest and humble desire, that just and good things may be done Robert Overton 1653 Engelska
86 An introduction to the making of Latin. - Comprising, after an easy, compendious method, the substance of the Latin syntax. With proper English examples most of them translations from the classic authors in one column, and the Latin words in another. To which is subjoined, in the same method, a succinct account of the affairs of ancient Greece and Rome, intended at once to bring boys acquainted with history, and the idiom of the Latin tongue: with rules for the gender of nouns. The twenty-second edition, diligently revised and carefully corrected. By John Clarke, late master of the Publick Grammar-School in Hull John Clarke M.DCC.LXXV. 1775 Engelska
87 Handbook of research in trans-Atlantic antitrust 2006 Engelska
88 Ship design and construction electronic resource 2003-2004 Engelska
89 Logic-based methods for optimization - combining optimization and constraint satisfaction John Hooker c2000 Engelska
90 Family-based palliative care ©1990 Engelska
91 Quaestiones in quartum librum Sententiarum Johannes Duns Scotus 1474 Latin
92 Studies in symbolic interaction 2009 Engelska
93 Displaying families. - a new concept for the sociology of family life 2011 Engelska
94 Rebels, mavericks, and heretics in biology cop. 2008 Engelska
95 Bile Acids - Toxicology and Bioactivity 2008 Engelska
96 Collision and grounding of ships and offshore structures ICCGS 2013 : Norway) International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures 2013 Engelska
97 Digital cultures and the politics of emotion - Feelings, affect and technological change 2012 Engelska
98 Infinite products of operators and their applications elektronisk resurs - a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation : May 21-24, 2012, Haifa, Israel : Israel mathematical conference proceedings 2015 Engelska
99 Library and information science - parameters and perspectives 2011 Engelska
100 Freud on Interpretation - The Ancient Magical Egyptian and Jewish Traditions Robert W. Rieber 2012 Engelska

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