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Titel Författare År Språk
101 Lucky Jonah and other poems Thomas Harri Jones 2004 Engelska
102 Menyw a Duw yn dial - Dyn eira, Y twrch trwyth : dwy ddrama T. James (Thomas James) Jones 2004 Kymriska
103 Dimensions of multicultural counseling - a life story approach Sara. Schwarzbaum 2008 Engelska
104 Two sermons - preached in St. George's Church, Little Botton, on the 21st. of August, 1796; ... By the Rev. Thomas Jones Thomas Jones 1796 Engelska
105 A frontal section anatomy of the head and neck Otto Frederic Kampmeier 1957 Engelska
106 The young mill-wright and miller's guide Oliver Evans 1850 Engelska
107 On the power, wisdom, and goodness of God - as manifested in the creation of animals, and in their history, habits, and instincts William Kirby 1835 Engelska
108 Mercy triumphing over iudgement or, A warning for Sabbath-breakers - Published for Gods glory and the benefit of all true Christians. By me Thomas Jones, of the city of Hereford Thomas Jones, of Hereford 1640? Engelska
109 A booke of entries - containing perfect and approued presidents of counts, declarations, informations, pleints, inditements, barres, replications, reioynders, pleadings, processes, continuances, essoines, issues, defaults, departure in despite of the court, demurrers, trialls, iudgements, executions, and all other matters and proceedings (in effect) concerning the practique part of the laws of England, in actions reall, personall, and mixt, and in appeales; necessarie to be knowne, and of excellent vse for the moderne practise of the law, many of them contayning matters in law and points of great learning: and none of them euer imprinted heretofore. Collected and published for the common good and benefit of all the studious and learned professors of the laws of England Edward Coke, Sir anno Dom. 1614 Latin
110 Kalendarium Catholicum for the year 1686 Thomas Jones 1686 Engelska
111 A sermon preached at St. Michaels Woodstreet (December 23, 1680) at the funeral of Ezerel Tonge .. - memorable for his good service to the nation in the first discovery of the horrid Popish Plot Thomas Jones 1681 Engelska
112 The British language in its lustre, or, A copious dictionary of Welsh and English - containing many more British words than are in Mr. Davies's Antiquae lingue Britannicae dictionarium duplex Thomas Jones 1668 Engelska
113 Of the heart and its right soveraign, and Rome no mother-church to England, or, An historical account of the title of our Brittish church, and by what ministry the Gospel was first planted in every county - with a remembrance of the rights of Jerusalem above, in the great question, where is the true mother-church of Christians? Thomas Jones 1678 Engelska
114 Mercy triumphing over judgement or, A warning for Sabbath-breakers - Published for Gods glory and the benefit of all true Christians. By me Thomas Jones, of the City of Hereford. Who for prophaning the Lords Day was most miraculously strucken by the hand of God, and utterly depriv'd of all my senses, for the space of 4 years; and now by his great mercy (upon my hearty repentance) being perfectly restored to my former health, I was moved to set forth this ensuing relation, as a testimony of my thankfulnesse to God for his fatherly chastisement; and that all others by my example, may be deterred from so hainous an offence as Sabbath-breaking Thomas Jones, of Hereford 1641? Engelska
115 An astrological speculation of the late prodigy. Or A clear discovery of the approaching miseries signified by that comet, or blazing star - which hath so long been visible, to several countries and nations in November, December and January; in the year 1680. Being a full account of the manner or nature of its effects, and in what countries they'l be exhibited. Also the true way of judging the effects, of all other comets, and such apparitions, carefully collected from the best experimental judgments of the choicest aphorisms, and according to their fundamental, and methodical rules; now in a seasonable time manifested in a plain and homely stile; fit for the understanding of mean capacities. By Thomas Jones a lover of learning, and student in astrology; & autodidactus Thomas Jones 1681 Engelska
116 Almanack Am y flwyddyn 1681 - Yr hon iw'r gyntaf ar óì bissextile neu glwyddyn-naid. Ac ynddo a cynhwyfwyd, dyddiau 'r mis, a dyddiau 'r wythnos, a dyddiau hynod a gwylion: a summudiad yr arwyddion, a chodiad a machludiad yr haul beunydd, ag amcan am yr hín, a newidiad ag oedran y lleuad, wedi cymhwyso i feridian, fes, i hanerdydd cymru: a chyfarchwyliad am ysmonaeth, a physegwriaeth. Ac atto hefyd y chwanegwyd, hyfforddiad i ddyseu darllen cymraeg, ac i fwro cyfrifon, ag amryw bethau eraill fydd gyflcus iw deall. A thai caniadau newyddion. O waith Thomas Jones carwr dysgeidiaeth, a studiwr yn sywedyddiaeth. Yr ail Brintiad Thomas Jones 1681 Kymriska
117 Y mwyaf o'r almanaccau am y flwŷddŷn (naid) o oedran y bŷd-5641. Christ-1692 - Yn dangos, dyddiau 'r flwŷddŷn, dyddiau 'r misoedd, dyddiau 'r wŷthmos, y dyddiau gwŷlion a'r dyddiau hynod. ... Tho. Jones, y trydyddard Thomas Jones 1691 Kymriska
118-119 Newydd oddiwrth y ser - neu almanac am y flwyddyn 1686 (flera utgåvor) Thomas Jones 1686 Kymriska
120 Newyddion mawr oddiwrth y ser neu almanacc am y flwyddyn o oedran brace Y byd, 5644. Crist, 1695. - Ac amryw o athrawiaethau cyfleus ynddo Thomas Jones 1694? Kymriska

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